Today is Day 6, Nearly Half Way There.

I am feeling a bit tired today. I am not sure why because I did have at least 8 hours sleep. I think it is a case of Friday being my day off from study/classroom/hands on experience – that my body is feeling like “Yep, Its time to take it easy today”.

Can I say for sure that I feel differently today with only water, compared to my normal Friday relaxation mode with food? Actually I think I could say that I am feeling what I normally feel with food. SO it’s not a matter of saying “Oh I am more tired than normal”. I think its being a MUM who try’s to fit too much into one week.

Why Do You Think We Try To Do Too Much?

Is it because we are the Mum, and we feel like everyone has to be taken care of before ourselves? Or is it because as a Mum we are able to handle more than one task at a time? I am sure that all Mum’s can agree with the feeling of being tired at the end of the week after running around our children. Not that I would change anything for the world.

I think once my course is finished and before I start full-time work I am going to go away for the weekend. I really wanted to escape last weekend by going camping. We tried for this weekend but every place was fully booked. I am going to set a date aside, and make sure its available. I have always wanted to see Rainbow Beach so that is where I hope we can escape to.

Day 6 Of A 14 Day Water Fast

I got a bit side tracked there. So back to how I am going on Day 6. I am actually hungry today for the first time. I think it’s because I am getting recipes from wonderful friends on how to live with raw foods and I am getting excited about eating again. Only 8 more days to go.

Once I do finish the 14 days I have to start with easy foods first up. Things like watermelon, pineapple, and basically fruit that I can digest easily. Then slowly over three days I can resume to eat healthy foods. I am looking forward to seeing what raw foods I can have for breakfast. At Dinner time it will be a breeze because I love salads, especially ones freshly made.

Gosh I should stop talking about food!!! You should hear my tummy going 🙂

Will have to have more water! I am enjoying having water, but next time I am fasting I think that I might go with the rainbow fast. Do you want to know more about the rainbow fast? Great, hit this link – it should take you to a Facebook fan page on healthy way of fasting and living. I have heard about the rainbow fast lasting several weeks from one member at Don Tolman’s event at the Gold Coast, as she used food each week from one rainbow colour at a time.

Here is also what Don Tolman has to say about “What Makes A Balanced Diet” If you get a moment head over and have a read, it’s very interesting to see how we used be using our body for total benefit.

Here’s to more water!! Success, and determination.

Without your kinds words, thoughts, and back up I would not be able to keep on going, so once again a big thanks sent your way.


  1. SA says:

    Yes, it’s true… I’m on day 8 of the water fast. One of the interesting things that happens is how you stop rushing around. A calm and confident serenity takes the lead. I’ve found the innate wisdom of the body is far more intelligent than any mental construct. The voice of the body becomes louder and it’s easy to listen to it. Thanks Lisa, I feel I have the support of a friend on the journey.

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Suzanna,

      Its also interesting to see how much time is wasted with eating !! It is good to have another person on the same journey 🙂 Looking forward to hearing how you go, and how long you are the water fast.

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