About Me!!

Hello Friends/Family/Soon to be friends!

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out! Here is just a little bit about our family. We are the Wood family. David and Lisa Wood, with five boys.

I am a mum to five amazing very active boys….they are amazing but gee do they have some energy. I think they took all of mine when they were born:)

We as a family have been on a quest for over three years to search for more from life. More time, more choices, more freedom and more health/wealth.

On our path to prosperity we have had some amazing times. We have made heaps of mistakes, wasted time and money…..made good choices and also made lots of money as well. During this time we have meet some amazing people. We are now on the road to having all of our dreams come true.

We are living with the knowledge of what it takes to be successful, and the attitude that is needed so that “No Matter What” we are going to make it.

I also have another blog that I keep updated with all the wonderful tales of my five Woody boys. To keep updated with the latest going on’s with each of the boys go to http://woodyboys.wordpress.com/ Be great to connect with you there.

Looking forward to connecting with you, sharing and learning along the way.  You can also connect with Lisa on facebook, twitter, myspace and linked-in – be great to meet you 🙂

Here’s to your Health, Wealth, Life and Success

Lisa Wood

David, Lisa, Cameron, KyleKyle,Nicholas and CameronLisa,Kyle and NicholasNicholas and Lisa WoodOldest Woody BoyOur second oldest boy

  1. John says:

    Hi Lisa & Dave,
    I looked at your old blog and noticed that you never got to do that interview with Shaun Stening? http://www.blogcatalog.com/blog/mangosteen-for-health-benefit/e951322c253c1fc75243d9f8458724cd

    What happened? Was looking forward to it.


    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello John,

      I re booked and re-booked but Shaun Stenning kept canceling via his secretary and I have never heard back. I even asked to speak with his brother Matt Stenning instead (because Shaun was too sick and too busy) but still never heard back. I was disappointed but I have since moved on and learnt my lesson. Thanks for asking John.

  2. Nancy Moyle says:

    wow, five boys! what ages? I have five daughters and one son! Mine range from 28 down to twelve and my 25yr old has a dughter and son!
    I know about mangosteen – whose organisation(uplie) are you part of. I know a fellow called Peter sicari in sydney who was doing quite well with Xngo, do you know of him? I think also a high profile footballers wife was doing well in it.
    How do you mange all the washing with five boys – not to mention the cooking lol?

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Thanks Nancy for your comment….My boys are 15 1/2, 14, 11, 8, and 4. The washing is full on, the food goes out quicker than we can buy it, and its so very loud here unless they are sleeping – but I so love it and would not have it any other way 🙂 Love to hear from another family that is as large as ours….you got five daughters!! and one son – congratulations. A Grandma as well – that’s cool.
      Be great to connect with you on facebook.
      Take care
      Cheers Lisa

  3. creatingabundanceenthusiast says:


    Talk about an abundance. Way to go Girl with an abundance of boys and energy! I am the mother of 3 “boys” but spread out over 12 years. My guys are now grown men with their own lives and they are incredible. So, I’m wishing you all of the positive qualities you will need to do your mothering job with the greatest love, encouragement and joy.



    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Arlene,

      Thank you so much for your comment, really appreciate your kind words. Are you “boys” married or not yet? So looking forward to seeing our boys achieve their dreams!!

      Great to connect with another person that has boys 🙂


  4. Lisa,

    Two of my three sons are married and have children. My oldest has 2 sons and my next has 3 daughters. The youngest isn’t married and not even a woman in his life right now but that is perfect for him in the moment. I get to see all of them this weekend for a family wedding!

    Enjoy each day with your guys for it is precious. What is your biggest challenge and your greatest joy?



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