If you are after more out of life and want more time with your loved ones it is possible. To create abundance in your life you need to Change The Way You Think to Change Your World.

Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Action, Action Becomes Things

If you were to ask a genie for three wishes after the genie had been sitting in the bottle for over a 100 years what would you ask for? It’s not a trick question – think about your deepest wish in life. Change The Way You Think Change Your World is so very possible and I should share with you here why I know that is to be true….

  • We are living in the very spot I wished that we lived in two years ago
  • I brought a bus from eBay after our family had talked about it for a very long time
  • Our Internet Marketing is working and will be providing an income for us to be able to live our dream lifestyle
  • Next year will be traveling Australia
  • I contacted one newspaper and had our story placed in two different newspapers
  • Today was another interview with a different aspect of our story
  • We will be doing regular articles for “The Wanderer” the best RV motor home magazine in Australia.
  • Our family will be spending much-needed quality time together.

All because we changed the way we think and our world is changing around us for the better.  If you get very clear with what you want out of life and you focus your attention on the end result, with the reason why being bigger than you – then all you need to do is sit back and watch for the results. They will blow your mind and make you question why it took so long to make a change. Don’t believe me then read this!

Change Your Mind Change Your World

What are you looking for in life that will be creating and attracting abundance. Come on be honest here – do you have a dream car that you have always wanted to buy. Mine is a BMW.

Do you have a dream house that is located in the perfect spot of the world?

Do you have holidays that dream of visiting every single year or twice year?

Get very detailed in your plan in life. Change your story and you will soon see your story come true. I have been using a different mindset for the last six months and it is carrying me on a high. A bigger high then I have ever thought possible. Much more effective than any drug that is out there, and last far longer. All you have to do is put an order into the universe on what you life should be like and then sit back and be stunned that it will all come true.

What are you doing in your life to change your thoughts that will lead to changing your life?


Lisa Wood

Creating Abudance.

Have you got every thing in your life to really make you happy? Is it possible to have to have your cake and eat it too? What about thinking with the Law Of Attraction to Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance.

Law Of Attraction

The universe is open to all invitations. You just need to know what party you want, where you want to have your party and who to invite. Its like life – if you have clear directions and a location to reach you will soon arrive there and in time. If you drive through life aimlessly then your life will go around and around in circles, placing you back where you started.

So think very clearly about the Law Of Attraction. Either you are right or you are right. What you say will happen…..so predict your future in about 10 minutes. Open your mouth and say what you are, what you do, what you want to be doing and where you want to go. Now right that down on paper. Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance has just began.

Creating Abundance Attracting Abundance Exercise

So what was on your paper? Lets use this example (and I am not revealing if it is my dream life with my answers to the Law of Attraction!!) as answers to the questions above.

  1. What I am – Future Millionaire
  2. What I do – Expanding my mind and my education through training, DVD, CD and following a mentor
  3. What I will be Doing – Follow my dreams to turn my education into passive income so I can spend quality time with my family
  4. Where I want to go – To explore the universe and to tests the boundaries in life to see if the Law Of Attraction will provide my wishes and then even more.

Thais an attitude that is working, towards Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance into a life that will be full of blessing and joy. Turn around the above questions into different answers from a different mindset and lets see how the universe provides differently.

  1. What I am – An Employee for a factory out let
  2. What I do – Pack chocolates into boxes to send out to retail stores
  3. What I will be Doing – Working up through the ranks to management team within a period of 10 years
  4. Where I want to go – I want to reach the highest level and manage the floor of the factory, and take 2 weeks holidays every year.

Can you see how two different mindsets are working? Is one better than the other or one work more than the other? Who is to say….I am not here to say that management (or head supervisor) is not a great goal to work towards, but I am here to question you. Are you working smarter in your life to Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance? Or are you working the so-called system that is meant to provide all of our needs?

I know which Law of Attraction group I would like to associate myself with. I have a deep connection with the first set of answers. So deep that I am very careful with my thoughts, with what I say, with how I walk, and with how I respond to everyday living. That is the attitude that I know I need to have to live a life of my dreams Creating Abundance and Attraction Abundance in all areas of my life.

Thanks for watching – what answers did you get to the questions?


Creating Abundance.

Creating Abundance Forever Part 2 is revealed here at Creating abundance. In part 1 I talked about what you are thinking about in your life with your thoughts are really important because they do create your life and your lifestyle.

Creating Abundance Forever Part 2

How is it really possible in life that the direction you are taking is responsible for the life you are living? It is really very simple…..”What you focus on expands”. So focus on a negative attitude and a negative outlook in life and that is what the universe will provide. Focus on the most amazing life and lifestyle and that is  what the universe will provide for you. It’s that simple.

Think Before You Think.

You read right – think before you think. If you do have a negative thought in your head – stop right now. Cross it out with a big X and replace it with a more powerful positive thought that you can think and say out loud. If you have one negative thought – think two positive thoughts to out ride your inner life. If you are after Creating Abundance Forever you need to change what you are thinking about. Think Before You Think, think before you speak.

Creating Abundance Exercise

Try this little exercise for one week and see the results you will have……Stop your thinking. Think a positive thought and speak it out loud. If you have a negative thought in your head – stamp it with a huge X and replace it with two positive thoughts and say those positive thoughts out loud. Try and you will soon see your life becoming abundant in many new areas, and in areas that are important. Get it a go – what have you got to lose? Nothing but have so much to gain.

I tried the above exercise and have seen some amazing results. I am now going to apply this simple exercise to another aspect of my life and see what results will happen in one week. It’s a matter of attitude. Get your attitude right, and watch it flow through your life.

Creating Abundance Mindset Forever

SO if you are after changes in your life. Be it with your family, your job, your friendships, your success, your wealth, your happiness….. whatever you want changed for the better than start to close off your negative attitude and embrace your positive attitude. It’s a new way of thinking that will assist your new way of life. It is almost like you are re-programming your hard wire. You could almost say that you are giving your mindset a tune-up or a clean out. If you have a car, you know how important it is to replace the oil and top it up with water. So why don’t you realise how important your life is to have your oil replaced with first class (A grade Oil) positive thoughts?

Give your mind quality water, first class thoughts and sit back for the ride of your life. Are you ready to Create Abundance Forever in every area of your life?

Let me know how you go with the simple exercise of replacing a negative thought – remember to cross it out with a huge X and replace it with two new positive thoughts and see how one week your life will change.

Till next time – Creating Abundance Forever wishes you the most outstanding week ever possible.

Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.

Is it really possible to look at your life and change what is going on around you for the better? To sit and think “yep” that is what I want in my life – to Create Abundance Forever and ever?

Creating Abundance In Your Life Forever?

If you really sit and think about what is going on in your life you will soon start to realise that what is happening in your life is your own fault. I am not talking about what comes your way from other people (that is out of your control) but I am talking about what is going on in your inner world will reflect your outer world. Take a minute to stop and really think about this – have you thought about your thoughts? Are your thoughts holding you back or are they on the road to creating abundance forever?

If you are into the Law Of Attraction you will know what I am talking about. It not welcome to Creating Abundance – where what you focus on expands. Here I talk about how you are creating your own world. Be it rich or be it poor – the results are from what you are thinking and what you are doing.

Creating Abundance Forever Starts Within

So how is it possible that your life is not what you have been dreaming about? It is possible because what your mind is thinking about is how your life will be. Your mind is a very power full tool  and if you are able to focus on reaching your end goals or end results then you will soon notice that you are achieving success. How can you start to change your life around? Here are five easy steps that I take each day that works for Creating Abundance Forever

  1. Wake with a smile on your face. If you are smiling then the world seems a brighter place.
  2. Take at least five minutes a day to sit and relax with a hot cup of tea. Why? Because that way you are going to be grateful for your lifestyle that allows you to enjoy the smaller things in life.
  3. Do at least 15 minutes of exercise every single day. Exercise the body with a walk or a stretch will exercise your mind.
  4. Be very grateful for your life. Say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all those that are around you – friends/family/internet marketing friends. Once you appreciate your life more and more good things will come your way.
  5. Surround yourself with people who make a positive influence on your life. If you have people who are like-minded and appreciate you (also you appreciate them) then your life will move forward to creating abundance forever.

Are you aware of what your thoughts are saying? I am asking – do you pay attention to what your mind is thinking about before you say it? I was always in trouble at school because I talked too much in class. Normally I did not think about what came out of my mouth and blurted out what ever I was thinking, something I wish I change that part of my childhood but because that is not possible, I am making sure I change my lifestyle now. Stay tuned….Part 2 of Creating Abundance Forever will soon be here……

Creating Abundance Forever

Lisa Wood.

Today us Women are so very lucky in that we are allowed to be paid equally amongst the work force – well at least us Women are meant to be paid as much as men. Does Creating Abundance with Equal Pay really happen in today’s world?

Creating Abundance With Equal Pay

Tonight David and I were very fortunate to be given the chance to experience adult time together and we had a date without our five boys. It is very rare for us to spend time together, having an adult conversation and taking the time to spend with one another but it is really important as a couple that we do…..its especially important to have time out together to help keep our marriage strong and to stay connected – at least that is my excuse for going to the movies.

Made In Dagenham

The Movie that David and I caught a train and went into Brisbane to see is called “Made In Dagenham”. It was screening at a Cinema in the Myers Center – one which David and I did not know existed and was amazed at how beautiful the whole building is. It is almost like a modern-day version of “The Queen Victoria” building which is located in gorgeous Sydney NSW.

Imagine a Movie that takes you back in time and history with a story line that keeps your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what amazing feats the “Unskilled Women Workers Of the Factory” will create next?

What other protests and havoc can they create with their belief that all Women have the right to fair pay? It is funny, it is sad, it is gut retching in how two people’s lives can be torn apart and placed back together all because Men were considered higher than Women in the work force.

Creating Abundance In The Work Force

All it takes is for one lady to see through the eyes of a Union Representative – who shares his story of how his single Mother raised him and his brothers on such a low wage – how life can and should be different for all women. It was a touching story and one that connected with the main character of the movie Made In Dagenham.

Within the most powerful lady of her time, and the support of her friends/work colleagues and the loving support of her husband (who was against her plot at one stage) – with her passion and her belief she preserved in her quest to have equal pay for the whole of England and basically changed the law for all women to follow. Her determination, her courage and her strength was no match for any man or union or even the Ford Company – they all did not stand a chance when faced with united forces.

Equal Pay Was Changed

After pleading her case, and her reasons for fighting for her cause, the law was changed for Women – she paved the way for the future. Creating Abundance – Equal Pay was near for all working women and equal pay was changed for ever more.

  • One Women.
  • One Belief.
  • One Passion.
  • One Mission.
  • One Goal.
  • One Result.

Have You Created Change?

The movie makes you laugh, and makes you want to cry. It draws you in, and takes you on a ride of what life used to be like. Us Women were down graded in the work force and made to feel unskilled. But yet all it took was for one lady to stand up against the bullies (the Men in the Union) and to see a different outcome……

I laughed. I cried. I cheered. I even clapped at the end. Made In Dagenham is one movie that all women around the world can and will connect with.

Have You Created Abundance In Your Life?

Have you changed what is going on around you?

Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.