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Walking On Sunday With Three Woody Boys.

On Sunday I decided that it was a perfect day – so gorgeous that we climbed up Mt Ngungun with three of our boys. It was Kyle first time climbing up and I was amazed at how well he did. Consider it is a two hours round trip – he was a real trooper. Like a Moutain goat 🙂

Enjoy how beautiful Australia is – we are the luckest people on earth to live in the most glorious country. Gotta love what is right under our own face, we live around the corner from Mt Ngungun.

Walking Out – you can see things you never thought you could.




Why Do We Think The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side?

Last week I was very out numbered with my five boys, one husband, two brothers and my nephew all in one house….that is 9 Males to one Lady 🙂

It was overwhelming to say the least, as well as very smelly !!

But I was taught many great lessons in the one week. Lessons that our whole family were taught.  I realised that I do not have the patience of a saint, and that I am not happy with a smelly toilet. I learnt that my boys are blessed to have a Mum and Dad that are hard on them – we do discipline them when they do wrong and Yep we are hard parents because they are not allowed to roam the streets swearing !!!

I am curious, Why Do We Think the grass Is Greener on the other side?

My boys thought that their Nephew was lucky because he has a motor bike, and numerous computer games, plus gets to roam the streets in his area when he wants. My Nephew did not like the way our house had rules and set chores. It was amazing to see the difference of children considering we are all connected within the same family. It was also sad to think that a week was all we had to show a different way of living. We are so very lucky to live in sunny Queensland where the environment is healthy compared to outer N.S.W. That sounds really snobby but I was brought up there so I know how lucky my boys are to be living in an environment that lets them be safe.

Is the Grass Greener? Or is it a different mindset in our house? Are we being parents to our boys instead of best friends? I know there are many different ways to parent in the 21st Century….. I always see other parents and wonder what they are thinking with the way they speak to their children. I am no expert parent, and I have many flaws, with many more lessons to be taught as my boys grow.  There is one thing that I like to think that I am working towards as being the best Mum in that particular area, and that is letting the boys grow into the best person that they can be (they were born to grow into great Men)…..if that means that they are not allowed to get away with the wrong behaviour then YEP I take first place for being the Meanest Mother in the world 🙂

How Come The Grass Is Greener On the Other Side?



To Comment On Blogs, Or Not To Comment Part 2.

To see part One click here. I am continuing on from yesterday post of to Comment on a blog when you stop on by, or to not comment.

  • Because you are not able to use your body language like you would face to face, write with a tone of voice. Sounds weird, but think about how you are feeling? Are you feeling Sad, Happy, Angry, Pleased? Because those feeling will come through with your message.

  • Are you not sure what the blog is trying to say? If unsure, then ask a family member or friend to read the blog and brain storm together what you think the blog post is based on. If still not sure (or you are home alone!) then good old goggle is your answer.

  • Try to use a spell check on your blog. Especially if you are like me, and write your post at midnight, then double check your post with spell check because there are bound to be spelling errors.

  • Have your profile out there, with links back to your blog/website? People like to find out who you are and if you have a link back to your website then you can be checked out !!! (almost like a first date).

  • Sometimes it best not to say anything in your comment, just a short but sweet comment lets the writer of the blog know you care. Again its a fine line, because you really do not want to seem like a spammer but also saying “great blog, will be back” is too short.

  • Have fun with comments. Sound like an interesting person. Boring comments will get over looked.

Hope that helps you with understanding on “How To Comment Or Not Comment”. If you have any other ideas that I did not think to write here please Comment Below 🙂


Lisa Wood.

PS:- I have learnt a lot from one Internet Marketer who is the best of the best in every way. I woud like to say thank you to Sean Rasmussen. Please stop on by his Blogs and leave your comments. Click here to meet one of the best Aussie Internet Marketers.

Yesterday Was Our 15th Wedding Anniversary….

On Thursday (yesterday) David and I celebrated 15 years of Marriage. How was the last 15 Years for the Woody House? Here are a few things that have happened (short version or I would be here forever!)

  • We got Married on 18th March 1995

  • Hayden (our oldest) was already 8 months old – he was born in 17th June 2004.

  • We moved shortly afterwards to Sunny Queensland

  • Our First Town to move to was Moranbah – a small mining town 2 hours out of Mackay

  • In November 1995 Zachery was born

  • After a few short years in Moranbah we decided to move to Mackay.

  • In December (New Years Eve) 1998 we had Nicholas. Gosh was that a New Years Eve Present 🙂

  • When Nicholas was under 2 years of age we moved to Clontarf (A suburb near Redcliffe).

  • In November 2001 Cameron was born.

  • In September 2002 we brought our first home at D’aguilar

  • Over seven years we renovated our old Queenslander. It was the oldest house in the area (over 110 years old). It took a lot of tears, hard work, laughs and good times.

  • Three years ago we took a different Journey. A journey on our Path To Prosperity. It has been the best decision of our married life.

  • Late last year we made another great decision – we finished renovating our house and sold it. We actually sold our house for more than the Real Estate thought we could get for it.

  • We moved to the area on the Sunshine Coast called Glasshouse Mountains.

  • Last Week I started my lifelong dream to be a nurse and enrolled in a 12 week course.

  • David is working from home as Stock Trader.

  • I am learning more and more about the Internet every single day and loving it.

wondering What 2010 holds in store for us?  Actually I know that 2010 is going to bigger and better than ever 🙂

I am so looking forward to experiencing all that I am asking for, inviting to our lives and receiving. This is going to be the best journey of a life time. Hope you can benefit from us along the way. Stay tuned for what’s in store for us in 2010.

Happy Anniversary Dave, I love you heaps.


Lisa Wood.

Gosh Was Today A Day and Half….

Saturday – So here goes a quick run day on my day in Woodys House

  1. Wake at 5.45 am to the alarm…

  2. Sleep another 10 minutes – got home so late last night after seeing Don Tolman

  3. Wake and dress quickly

  4. Grab a drink of water and a apple

  5. Rush out the door with our oldest boy because he has to be at his high school by 6.20am

  6. Drive the 25 minute drive to Caboolture and he is too early

  7. Wait to make sure he gets on the bus – in case Cricket has been canceled

  8. Drive home – not sure how I got home!!

  9. Go back to bed for another hour

  10. Wake to hear the boys all fighting because no one is up to see them getting ready.

  11. Hubby is in so much pain because his tooth that broke off last week is now infected and his mouth is two sizes bigger than it should be.

  12. Tell him that he needs to get seen to asap as he does not look good. He rings his Dentist at Bribie Island.

  13. Organise the house/boys and out the door by 11.00 as David has an appointment at Bribie Island Dentist for 12.00

  14. Take the four boys down to the beach. Leave grumpy Zachery to his own device because “I hate how you make me go to the beach. I hate how I have to get out of the car. Why couldn’t I stay home today. Why do you make me do everything I don’t want to do?” …..I walk off thinking Oh the joys of teenagers.

  15. Spend the best time in the water with three youngest Woody Boys. The Waves are that hard and fast that we are carried to the shore laughing and screaming. Took Baby Woody out with me, and he was laughing with how the waves kept going over my head and spraying him in the face.

  16. Got a text message from Hubby to say he was ready to be picked up, they managed to take the tooth out even though it broke into four pieces 😦

  17. Quickly got the boys out of the water, and showered and into the car…..with so many “Oh please can we stay and play 2 minutes more. Can we come back after picking up Daddy?” – they were having so much fun swimming in the ocean – we love the beach 🙂

  18. Went to the shopping center to look at buying Bikes for Hayden, Zachery, and Nicholas. David decided to brave it and come with us….he was so very sore, and his face was a mess….

  19. We made our purchases, and brought soft serve ice cream for David to slowly slurp down!!!

  20. Went to the Back Dock and picked up our bikes

  21. Raced Home – un packed the car

  22. Made Dinner….ran out of gas for the BBQ so had to cook inside so Dinner was super late

  23. Feed the boys….David too sore to eat so went back to bed.

  24. Gave them fruit salad for Dessert.

  25. Sat down to give Kyle a cuddle. Listening to Cameron on the phone to his grandparents. Nicholas was in his room. Zachery was playing on his laptop and not sure where Hayden was (either the shower or on his laptop). David was sound asleep.

  26. Got woken up by David taking Kyle out of my arms at 11.00 pm!!!

  27. Trying to clean the house/write my blog

  28. Going to crawl into bed just after 12.30 am 🙂

All in the day of Woodys house

GOSH hope tomorrow is a slower one !!!