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Have you got every thing in your life to really make you happy? Is it possible to have to have your cake and eat it too? What about thinking with the Law Of Attraction to Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance.

Law Of Attraction

The universe is open to all invitations. You just need to know what party you want, where you want to have your party and who to invite. Its like life – if you have clear directions and a location to reach you will soon arrive there and in time. If you drive through life aimlessly then your life will go around and around in circles, placing you back where you started.

So think very clearly about the Law Of Attraction. Either you are right or you are right. What you say will happen… predict your future in about 10 minutes. Open your mouth and say what you are, what you do, what you want to be doing and where you want to go. Now right that down on paper. Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance has just began.

Creating Abundance Attracting Abundance Exercise

So what was on your paper? Lets use this example (and I am not revealing if it is my dream life with my answers to the Law of Attraction!!) as answers to the questions above.

  1. What I am – Future Millionaire
  2. What I do – Expanding my mind and my education through training, DVD, CD and following a mentor
  3. What I will be Doing – Follow my dreams to turn my education into passive income so I can spend quality time with my family
  4. Where I want to go – To explore the universe and to tests the boundaries in life to see if the Law Of Attraction will provide my wishes and then even more.

Thais an attitude that is working, towards Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance into a life that will be full of blessing and joy. Turn around the above questions into different answers from a different mindset and lets see how the universe provides differently.

  1. What I am – An Employee for a factory out let
  2. What I do – Pack chocolates into boxes to send out to retail stores
  3. What I will be Doing – Working up through the ranks to management team within a period of 10 years
  4. Where I want to go – I want to reach the highest level and manage the floor of the factory, and take 2 weeks holidays every year.

Can you see how two different mindsets are working? Is one better than the other or one work more than the other? Who is to say….I am not here to say that management (or head supervisor) is not a great goal to work towards, but I am here to question you. Are you working smarter in your life to Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance? Or are you working the so-called system that is meant to provide all of our needs?

I know which Law of Attraction group I would like to associate myself with. I have a deep connection with the first set of answers. So deep that I am very careful with my thoughts, with what I say, with how I walk, and with how I respond to everyday living. That is the attitude that I know I need to have to live a life of my dreams Creating Abundance and Attraction Abundance in all areas of my life.

Thanks for watching – what answers did you get to the questions?


Creating Abundance.


You Create Your Own Life.

Law Of Attraction…..What does that really mean. It is a saying that seems to be really popular. Where ever you go, who ever you speak to, the saying is bound to come up in conversation sooner or later.

It is a broad statement, and can be taken many different ways. I am a big believer in “What you put out there you will get back”…..So it does not matter what vibes you are transmitting to the universe. What You Think About Comes About.

The Secret

It is so very true…..I am not sure if you are like me, But when I first watched “The Secret” it actually took me a little while to believe the concept. Maybe I am a slow learner, or maybe it was my up bringing. Whatever the reason is, I was very unsure about “The Secret”. Once I read a few books, and googled the Secret on YouTube I started to see what the message is behind the (messages) scenes of “The Secret”.

I started thinking about little things at first. I guess you could say I was testing the waters – or testing the Universe.  Soon the asking got bigger and better. Soon enough the things that I was asking for came about. It was very spooky when I first started asking, and believing…..Now that I know What You Think About Comes About I am being very careful with my thoughts.

Your Thoughts.

Does that mean I have to “guard” all of my thoughts? Not at all, actually that would be impossible to do because thoughts are going through our brain constantly, even when we are asleep 🙂 What it does mean is that when a “negative” thought (or a thought I do not agree with) pops up into my head, then I stop and change that thought around….

It’s very simple to do. Are you practicing “The Law Of Attraction”? If not why not? Do you need to know how to attract what your heart desires? Let me know what your thoughts are, and then I can answer your ideas in  the next installment of “What You Think About Comes About” here at Woodys house 🙂

Lisa Wood.

How Has The Universe Provided For Us NOW?

Yesterday David was in Brisbane for a Wealth Creation Conference, which he has returned to today. I normally try to go with him, so that we are learning together but this time I had to stay home. Which is going to be fine because the company that is hosting the conference has a little bonus for all participates that attend the two days – they are going to be sending out a taped copy from the whole weekend 🙂

Last night David could not return home via a train until really late. He was waiting at Caboolture Station (actually he was across the road at C.J’s Pastry!) from 7.30pm and another train was not coming until 9.30pm. I was worried about the long wait so I decided to bundle two of our boys into the car and drive the 30 minutes to pick him up.

When I got to the cafe David was talking to two amazing people. He asked me if we had room for two more people in the car. Luckily I had decided to only bring two of our boys! So two new friends hoped into our car for a lift.

As we were driving we got to talking. Turns out the couple are from Blackwater and are down for the weekend. Interesting enough they both were miners. That got my interest. David actually knew the companies that they were talking about, and likewise they knew the mining town from where we used to live. Its a very interesting time for us at the moment because we are meeting so many different new friends who are playing a part in our life. So I was sitting in the car and wondering what the universe was providing for us this time 🙂

As we were driving the man – I will call him Bob as I want to respect his privacy – Bob noticed our oil gauge in the car was down far too low, actually it was at the lowest it can ever go. So David pulled over and checked the oil stick. It had some oil on the stick but not enough to get us home. Luckily for us the petrol station was less than 5 minutes away. As soon as we got there David jumped out and purchased oil. It was really good because we had wanted to put the car into service for sometime but were not sure where to take it. I asked Bob if he knew anyone in the area to take the car to. He was happy to inform that Beerwah has a guy that he knows and recommends to friends/family. Fantastic – our car can now be booked in and we can feel easy that they will do the job we are wanting 🙂

We soon arrived at the Sports ground and exchanged numbers. They wanted to return the favour of dropping them off by taking David into Brisbane tomorrow. Bob and his mate were going to a fishing show so David gratefully accepted a lift into Brisbane. That was so much easier for us, because I did not have to drive him into Caboolture to catch a train. Was that why wewere destined to meet these true Australians? Were they introduced to us that we could see how Australians like to return good will? I think we were meant to meet them both for very good reasons. Reasons that will be shown to us over time.

So What Does Meeting Two New People Mean To You?

It means a lot to us. It shows us that there are people out there with the same values as us, and that we are all here in this world for a reason 🙂

Here’s To Your New Friendships Created Every Day.


Lisa Wood.

The Law Of Attraction Worked In The Woodys House….

Today the universe Answered MY Prayers…We applied for another house this morning, again at Glass House Mountains and within three hours we got the phone call to say yes. Love the Law Of Attraction.

Boy was I over glad, no more looking for houses on the internet, no more taking the kids out for a drive, no more having to search…fill in forms…prove who we are….answer to real estate agencies!!!!

WE are on the move to the Glass House Mountains.

As soon as we hear from the owner when it is suitable for us to move in, that’s is when we are gone. Anyway we have to be out by the 25th of January regardless so the sooner the better.

Actually I received a surprise visit today. The new owner is a Mum and her grown son!! They have brought the house (or more to the point she has!!) and they are moving in together. Do you want to know the really weirdest thing ever? He rented this house over seven years ago, prior to us buying the house. Does that really freak you out? Sure freaks me out. So he pops in today….

Then the really freaky surprise was he thought the settlement date had been brought forward to the 20th January, Oh My God NO we have not heard that it was brought forward, and if so then they are going to have to take the house as is. Because I sure won’t have time to move, clean, pack and have the yard ready before two days time….so not happening.

Its cutting it fine if we have to be out by the 25th!! The 20th…..Oh boy will I be stressed!!!

So looking forward to moving our lives forward, and looking forward to achieving all of our goals for 2010. What about You? Come on let me know what you are up to?

Happy Days….Oh Happy Days, The Universe Has Answered My Prayers, We are Moving To Our Next Woodys House 🙂


Lisa Wood.

The Universe Is Really Testing Us At The Moment….

The Woodys need a new house, we have sold and have until the 25th of January to be out… far we have had two houses that we were going for and both times we just missed out.

Not sure why or how this is happening…..

The one at Landsborough went back to the previous tenants as they asked the owner to let them back in. The other one at Glass House Mountains (which I was really keen on) was taken back from the Real estate because the owner decided to rent it out to a “best friend” WHAT!!

My first words to the real estate was “Are You Serious?”… could that be?

The real estate was not impressed especially because they had spent a fair bit of time on looking into approving us. The one good thing that did come out of all this was that we have been approved as the best possible tenants for the real estate….so that if they do have any houses available they will give me a call as we are first on the list.

Until then, what am I supposed to do? Please tell me how a family of five woody boys and two parents are meant to vacate before January 25th when there is nothing suitable and available?

Testing Times in our house…..back to the goal book, meditation, visualization and imagining that I have already found what I am looking for…

“A gorgeous house, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, land to move on, close to the older boys school, a pool, closer to shops/beach, family room and a place that feels like home”.

Good times ahead in our house.

PLEASE send positive thoughts our way.