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WE WON The bid on eBay.

We are now the proud owners of a buses/motorhome. Only now we need to work out how to pick up our new Woodys House.

To see how I am Following My Heart/My Dreams click here.

Will have photos asap so you can see how we are going to be spending the next 6-12 months traveling around Australia.


Lisa Wood.


Follow Your Dreams, Listen To Your Heart

I have learnt that you really should follow your heart, and follow your dreams – NO MATTER WHAT is happening in life.

Recently (at the end of January 2010) we sold our house at D’aguilar QLD. I was all for it, and now I am wondering WHY?

When we sold I was keen to travel Australia with our five Woody Boys but hubby wanted to stay and rent a house for one more year and then travel. For whatever reasons (he had some really good ones at the time) I agreed and we followed a path of staying put and then traveling Australia next year.

Only today, this very morning it hit me that we are wasting too much time waiting for another six months before traveling. I was out and about when the feeling over came me – we all should Follow Your Own Heart and pursue goals. So upon returning to home I got on-line and checked out eBay.

The universe provided for us again. There is a bus/motorhome that is almost big enough for our family and I placed a bid. I have never felt so very nervous in all of my life. My hand was shaking, I was sweating all over and then I pressed “Bid”. I did it!!! I put a bid on a bus in NSW. I have my fingers crossed….then I had to tell Hubby what I had done 🙂

He was shocked to say the least, but after listening to my view points and understanding where I was coming from he knew what I had done was right for us. I know like I know like I know I am Following My Heart. I want to travel with my five Woody Boys…..I want to show them Australia before they spread their wings and they are gone. Time is far too short, and I am not going to waste another moment in life waiting for the perfect moment.

I am actually a “take action” kind of person. Hubby likes to sit, think, and then think some more before deciding what is the right way to go about doing things. NOT ME….I believe in things being done yesterday.

Which I suppose is a really good combination to have in a marriage – because I sometimes jump in with both feet, while he steps in and lets me know when to pull out at least one foot!!

Do You Follow Your Heart?

I am not sure if I will win this bid that I have placed on the motorhome – actually it does not concern me if for some reason I am not the winner. I now know what I want from life, and I know that if this bus is not for us – then another bus will be around the corner any time soon. I have “put it out” there that I want to travel, in a bus big enough for all of us – so that is what the universe will provide.

What is Your Dream?

Share your story here…..would love to know how many others are Following Their Own Hearts and chasing their goals/dreams.

Thanks for stopping on by here at Woodys House. Will keep you updated on how I go….maybe tonight I will be celebrating with drinks at our local Pub (mind you I am not a big drinker so it will be orange juice!!) or maybe David will be celebrating because we were out bid!!!!


Lisa Wood.