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How I Spent My Weekend…..

On Saturday David and I woke up at 4.00 am so that we could be on the road by 4.20am – to be at Caboolture Station for the 5.00am train.

I was off to Brisbane for the weekend to help out at the “Think and Grow Rich” event by Stuart Zadel.

I have volunteered  before and have enjoyed myself each and every time. I knew that I would this time. Just did not realise how much I would love mixing in with the crew again….and listening to all the speakers.

There were some that I have heard before, others that were brand new. I took heaps of notes!!! And was excited to hear from the new presenters. Hearing how they have succeeded and stayed in the race no matter what was music to my ears.

The weekend was a long one, and I was very blessed to be able to stay in there overnight because David found some where for me to sleep on the Saturday night. I thought of returning home for the night and then going back on the Sunday, but it would of meant less time sleeping!!!

I get such a kick out of helping people, its just one of my things. I see, I feel and I love to be able to help others to succeed. That is why every time that I can volunteer for Think and Grow Rich I will be there with bells on 🙂

Even though it was Valentines Day, and David was very upset that I was not going to be home to miss it……It was so very worth it.

At The End Of My Amazing Weekend

I even returned home at 1.00 am Monday morning to a clean house, fresh flowers in the kitchen and fresh flowers in my bedroom, with heart shaped cookies and a feeling of contentment.

Life is what you make it, and believe me when I say 2010 is our year of success, dreams coming true, and more abundance in our life in every way.


What are your thoughts? What did you do this weekend gone to make sure your life is different and moving forward?

Think and Grow Rich.

Here’s to your changes.

Lisa Wood.

Think And Grow Rich Property Event In Brisbane….continued….

How The Weekend Went for the Volunteers….

From the moment registration started and we quickly greeted the wonderful audience….

to the moment all attendees were seated in their chairs it was full steam ahead for the Volunteer Staff.

Behind every great successful man, is a more successful women and it is so true. Stuart Zadel events run smoothly thanks to a very wonderful caring lady…Jacinta.

Behind The Great Man Is A Greater Women

Jacinta briefed us on our roles for the day, and on how to make all the audience feel comfortable. I am happy to say that smiling was a big order for the day, and it was not hard to achieve. Every time we glanced at Jacinta (for any reassurance) her gorgeous smiling face soon brought out a smile on our faces.

There are certain parts of the event that we are able to relax, sit back and take as many notes as possible from each presenter but there are also times when it is action packed so notes are the last thing on our mind.

The paperwork behind the scenes are what makes the event so successful. For us newbies to the Volunteer team it was a bit confusing and sometimes we needed to sit back and wait for guidance, or even just to observe how it was run. But with positive back up no one was made to feel like we had goofed up!!!

Smiling soon became second nature, and greeting people with a “Hello”, “welcome back” and “great to see”  soon seemed like we had be there and done that before 🙂 All of the audience that I came across and met treated us Volunteers with respect, were polite and courteous.

For that I am grateful.

Stuart Zadel soon had us in stitches with his wonderful sense of humor….but be warned – You will need your tissues because his stories came straight from the heart.

My most favorite presenter of all time on the stage, who I had not heard before, was the King and Queen Of Renovation. They were both down to earth speakers, who with sharing their story of how they have just fallen into Renovation, and what they have learnt along the way to keep their marriage strong. Their story really hit home to me, because along our journey to path to prosperity David and I have had our ups and down moments…..soon finding out what works for us and what does not work for us.

So for your great experience with the Think and Grow Rich Event Property in your town and to get your tickets before they are sold out Hurry On over!!

Till Next time…Where I will touch more on the other presenters that I connected with….

Stay Safe, Well, Happy, Healthy and Rich!!

Lisa Wood

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Think and Grow Rich Property Event in Brisbane….

From the other side of the table this time….as a Volunteer.

Usually David and I attend Conferences (and hopeful together) as part of the Audience. Due to us being to so many lately I decide that I wanted to Volunteer as a helper instead of just part of the audience.

I can say that it is a real eye opener and totally rocks:) The weekend was a huge success for the Volunteer team, and for the audience due to Stuart Zadel wonderful program, and his wonderful full time staff members.

Behind the Scenes….

On the Saturday morning I arrived very early because I was catching a train in. (i had to catch the early train otherwise I would of arrived late!!) Due to being the first in first served, I was given the task of greeting all the Volunteers and handing out name tags and the giving of T-shirts. We had beautiful Purple t-shirts….. That in its self was a great experience because I got to meet the team and introduce myself to all.

I am a very private person, and very shy so going to conferences and allowing myself to volunteer as part of team member has brought my inner self out (just a little bit….oh ok a lot!).

There are so amazing volunteers at the Think and Grow Rich Event in Brisbane….team members that have given there time up to help out at each and every event. Some traveling from far up north to Brisbane, some arriving by planes from down South to Brisbane. So about half of the team were brand new and the other half were seasonal and very experience Volunteers.

I would have to say without a doubt that we were all made welcome from Stuart Zadel and Jacinta, and it soon felt like part of a new family.  It normally takes me awhile to get to know people because I am a very private person, but the weekend soon saw the team become one.

That made it for a very easy weekend. I am so looking forward to my next time that Think and Grow Rich is back in Brisbane so that I can once again help out.

Here are just a few hints and tips for being a Volunteer:-

  1. Never buy new shoes for the event. It was a dress code, so black in closed shoes was a must, and of course I did not own any.
  2. Bring other shoes for after the event, instead of having to leave the event and walk (nearly crawl) to the hotel to check my bags in, and then after the event on Saturday night…by then it was a very slow walk!!
  3. Buy black long pants, instead of a skirt that I don’t normally wear so it felt weird!!
  4. Smile more, because hey its the best weekend of knowledge
  5. Bring in other socks besides bed socks!! Due to feet being so sore and bleeding I had to wear my socks with my new shoes on the Sunday, and of course all i had was bright Pink ones!!!
  6. Take as many notes down as possible when in the room with the presenters on stage, because they have such vital information.
  7. Make sure to get all the teams details so that after the event I can keep in contact and touch base with how they are going.
  8. Make sure to ring Hubby when finished on the Sunday night so that he does not drive down to the Station at Caboolture at 10.30 pm, sit there and wait for me…..mind you I was still in Brisbane at 10.30 pm so he had a long wait.
  9. last but not least, enjoy the weekend because it fly’s by far too quickly.
  10. oh and remember to take a camera so that I have memories to treasure.

For all those that have not Volunteered before at Conferences, then get out of your comfort zone and join the amazing behind the scenes and love amongst the Volunteers.

So wish I had remembered to get all team members details!! Until next time…where I will touch more on the “Think and Grow Rich Event”….take care.

Love and thoughts sent out to you all.

Lisa Wood

Think and Grow Rich Property Event Brisbane…

Over the weekend was the “think and grow Rich Property Event” at the Tattersall’s Club, in Queen Street.

It started on Saturday at 9.00 am until 9.00 pm and same time on Sunday. As a part of a volunteer team we all needed to be there by 6:30 am on Saturday Morning. That meant I had to be on the train by 5.01am, meaning I needed to be out of bed by 4.00 am!!!! And I am not a morning person:)

Traveling to the station David had to stop to get some money out of the teller so that I could pay for the hotel etc…

We made it at the station with one minute to spare….as soon as I boarded the train, it left the station

The train arrived at Brisbane just after 6:00 am, so I arrived early at the Tattersall’s Club, in time to learn how as Volunteers we had to be fitted up with purple shirts, name tags, sign our paper work and find where to have our bags placed.

Then it was all stations go, and all hands on decks…..

The team was made up of 14 people….some that were seasonal volunteers as they have been helping out at the events for some time, and others like myself that was helping out for the first time.

How It Is Set Up Behind The Scenes

We soon realised how well the weekend was set up thanks to Jasinta Marshall and her wonderful team…..The respect, love and understanding between The Think and Grow Rich Team was a vibe that could be felt as soon as all the volunteers were in the room together being briefed.

Each team member pulled together, worked together and soon supported each other for the whole entire weekend.

It was an awsome feeling, and one that I am looking forward to returning to the next “Think and Grow Rich Event”, as a Volunteer again.

Stay tuned, next I will tell you what it is like behind the scenes….how we organise the event to run smoothly. What is needed, how much is planned ahead of time, and who is the successful women behind the successful Men!!!

Think and Grow Rich Events

Think and Grow Rich Property Event will be back in Brisbane Saturday and Sunday 14th/15th November. For more times/dates before November head to TGR Properity.

For the event Think and Grow Rich Cash Flow you can also see about dates/times/venues/states at Think and Grow Rich

There are some amazing success stories from the Events, and many more to come.

Are you going to be one of them?

Here’s to your success, Health, Happiness, Friendship and Wealth.

Check by here soon to hear how the team brings the events together…..


Lisa Wood

Think and Grow Rich Property Event…..

This weekend in Brisbane is the think and grow rich event. This time instead of going to it as a person in the audience, I will be attending the event from the inside….

As a Volunteer. I am going to be seeing how a conference is run from the other side of the table.  I am getting very excited as I will get to see how it all runs and helping through out the day… handing out paper work, assisting Stuart Zadel and Jasinta Marshall from Think and Grow Rich.

This is my first Volunteer at a Conference, but it so not my first time to an event….

Over the last few years David and I have been attending as many conferences as possible to help move our life forward…along the path to prosperity we have meet some amazing friends.

It will be good to give my time to helping out as way to say Thank You to all the wonderful presenters that we have seen over the last few years.

The last Think and Grow Rich Event that I went to, I took my son Hayden. It was in Brisbane and was a full on two days jammed packed with quality presenters. People like Carly Crutchfield, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Paul Blackburn, The X factor Man, Mark Rolton and many other presenters.

Will be interesting to see who will be presenting from stage at this event, as this weekend is dedicated to real estate/property.

The weekend starts early for Volunteers…as we have to be there by 6.30 am so that means a 5.00 am train into Brisbane. I have found a reasonable place to stay for the night and its only a few blocks away from the venue. I am going to see if I can sneak out sometime during the day to book into my hotel.

Here is a short clip with Stuart Zadel…

Looking forward to meeting Stuart Zadel again, and to helping out at the event over the weekend.

PS:- All Volunteers get the new book for free so check back here for more updates.

Here’s to your Success with Think and Grow Rich

Until Next time….

Take care, Stay Healthy, Happy, Well, Successful and Rich:)


from Woodys