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Today us Women are so very lucky in that we are allowed to be paid equally amongst the work force – well at least us Women are meant to be paid as much as men. Does Creating Abundance with Equal Pay really happen in today’s world?

Creating Abundance With Equal Pay

Tonight David and I were very fortunate to be given the chance to experience adult time together and we had a date without our five boys. It is very rare for us to spend time together, having an adult conversation and taking the time to spend with one another but it is really important as a couple that we do…..its especially important to have time out together to help keep our marriage strong and to stay connected – at least that is my excuse for going to the movies.

Made In Dagenham

The Movie that David and I caught a train and went into Brisbane to see is called “Made In Dagenham”. It was screening at a Cinema in the Myers Center – one which David and I did not know existed and was amazed at how beautiful the whole building is. It is almost like a modern-day version of “The Queen Victoria” building which is located in gorgeous Sydney NSW.

Imagine a Movie that takes you back in time and history with a story line that keeps your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what amazing feats the “Unskilled Women Workers Of the Factory” will create next?

What other protests and havoc can they create with their belief that all Women have the right to fair pay? It is funny, it is sad, it is gut retching in how two people’s lives can be torn apart and placed back together all because Men were considered higher than Women in the work force.

Creating Abundance In The Work Force

All it takes is for one lady to see through the eyes of a Union Representative – who shares his story of how his single Mother raised him and his brothers on such a low wage – how life can and should be different for all women. It was a touching story and one that connected with the main character of the movie Made In Dagenham.

Within the most powerful lady of her time, and the support of her friends/work colleagues and the loving support of her husband (who was against her plot at one stage) – with her passion and her belief she preserved in her quest to have equal pay for the whole of England and basically changed the law for all women to follow. Her determination, her courage and her strength was no match for any man or union or even the Ford Company – they all did not stand a chance when faced with united forces.

Equal Pay Was Changed

After pleading her case, and her reasons for fighting for her cause, the law was changed for Women – she paved the way for the future. Creating Abundance – Equal Pay was near for all working women and equal pay was changed for ever more.

  • One Women.
  • One Belief.
  • One Passion.
  • One Mission.
  • One Goal.
  • One Result.

Have You Created Change?

The movie makes you laugh, and makes you want to cry. It draws you in, and takes you on a ride of what life used to be like. Us Women were down graded in the work force and made to feel unskilled. But yet all it took was for one lady to stand up against the bullies (the Men in the Union) and to see a different outcome……

I laughed. I cried. I cheered. I even clapped at the end. Made In Dagenham is one movie that all women around the world can and will connect with.

Have You Created Abundance In Your Life?

Have you changed what is going on around you?

Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.