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Today’s Classroom Task

Today in Class we were asked to write out five things that we liked about ourself, and one thing we liked about someone in our class.

How hard was that task? VERY difficult – and not just for myself. You should have heard the groans, the grunts and the eyes rolling that went on after our teacher asked the question 🙂

I was finding it very difficult to answer five points that I liked about myself. If the teacher had asked me to write five things about someone from class that I admired, I could have easily filled it out in seconds!! It actually got the teacher mad that we all had trouble filling it out. She was sad, sad that we had to think hard about what we liked (or loved) about ourselves.

SO it got my brain ticking over. How would you go if you were given the Classroom Task of writing five things that your REALLY liked about yourself..or even loved about yourself. And be honest. Could you put pen to paper and come up with five?

I challenge you here and now…..get thinking. Get your fingers typing and come up with five things that you like about yourself.

Here is a sneak preview on my list….

  1. I like my smile
  2. I like my caring attitude
  3. I like how I listen to my friends and take the time to listen
  4. I like to give hugs
  5. And being a Mum

What could you say that you really like about yourself? Come on, give it a try to see what you come up with…..

Looking forward to reading your comments

Lisa Wood from Woodys House!!


Tomorrow Is Another Day, But Its A Day Like No Other.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which in its self is nothing different from week to week. There is always a Tuesday in each week, unless you are Rat In A Hat from Bananas n Pyjamas and hide that Day!! What is different is the fact that I am going to be doing my first exam for nursing.

My first exam since I left school which was over .. years ago (oh ok – it was about 20 years ago!) I have not been back to study a course since then. I have been raising my gorgeous family since leaving school and have not looked back.

I have studied many different wealth creation courses over the last three years and have been using many different courses to make money…..but there was never a sit down and answer questions test.

So tomorrow I head to Caloundra for my New Test. It’s more than just a simple test to answer questions. It’s a Test to see if I can study, and learn to study hard because this nursing course is a stepping stone towards my passion. I have a burning desire, a desire so deep and big that I have always wanted to follow through on but have never had the chance until now. I am going to be looking into studying as a Midwife. Saying it aloud gets me excited. I have always wanted to be a midwife and now I am following my heart 🙂

What are you doing in your life that is giving you a New Test?

Love to hear from you on your life choices.


Lisa Wood.

To Study Or Chase Your Dreams….

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a midwife. Its been a life long dream of mine. One that I have never looked at chasing.

Until now.

Today I started my Nursing Course for Certificate 3. The course goes for 12 weeks on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. In the last three weeks of the course I will be out on the job training at a facility that takes all of us that are studying. Usually when we are finished our three-week placement training all of the group will be offered a job within the facility we are training at (or that is the hope!!)

I will then be Studying for my Certificate 4 in and around working. As soon as I have completed the Certificate 4 I will be taking further studies. I want to get as many skills behind me as possible so that next year I can start my study to train to be a midwife.

I have realised lately that I am not too old to start to study, and can still chase my dreams and my passion. Life is for the living.

I have been following a blog for the last week to learn more about the internet and within that blog I have come across a quote that I am printing out and placing around the house – I hope Sean Rasmussen does not mind that I am pinching one of his quotes!!!

“A quitter Never Wins – and a Winner Never Quits”

If are looking for a mentor and someone to teach you the ropes of the internet then click on this link Sean Rasmussen.

You Will Be Surprised To Learn That You Are Never Too Old To Study, Nor Too Old To Chase Your Dreams.

Here’s To Your Success…..whatever your dreams are 🙂

Lisa Wood.

This is a poem in response to a poem that I wrote the other day “Are you Mad At Me?”….

Over The Moon

The other day i wrote about you

letting all my feelings out and voicing

my sorrow for you

You who has lost the path It seemed

My words seem to reach you, because the very next day

you returned home from School with a smile and a hug

It was such a sweet moment that I wanted to squeeze you

so very tightly within my embrace for a while or more

I was so over the moon now that you were out of your gloom

Not sure what made you turn around

do not understand why you can hang your head down

so very low.

BUT so very glad to catch a glimpse of the boy I once knew.

So very much over the moon

to see that my sweet little one is still

inside of the man you are quickly becoming

Your Smile, Your embrace, Your loving grace

was out in full force – briefly

I was given an insight to the real you that is hidden inside

I was over the Moon.

Please let us see more of the happy you, your gorgeous side

and I will be happy for ever more because

Darling I really love you.
Over the Moon.


Do you have teenage children? Hang in there because the days get better and the hormones start to settle down.

Thank you so very much for letting me share my thoughts with you.


Lisa Wood

Last night I was thinking of all these poems that I have that I want to write about – so bear with me because here is my first one that came to me…… – I am dedicating this poem to teenage years 🙂

Why Are You So Mad At Me?

Why do you do what you do?

There is no answer from me for you…

I wonder who you are, and who you have become

Because there once was a day when

you used to say hello to me,

with a hug and with lots of smiles from you to me.

Now when you return from school,

its with your head down low and no hello.

Yet when I ask you why you are so glum,

you will not answer your Mum.

If only I could get into your head space

to find our what is going on and what you want to say,

instead I stare at a shadow of what once was my child,

and wonder what has become of you.

You only frown or glare around,

instead of speaking sentences you say a word or two if I am lucky

Mostly you grunt, maybe you mumble and when you do speak

its without any thought to those close by.

Why Are You So Mad At Me?

Or is it the whole wide world that you are

directing the new you to?

Please tell me how I can help you?

Because I love who you are, I love who you were, I love who you can become

but I do not understand who you are today, tomorrow or yesterday.

Oh the teenage years are so few, so please hurry up, send

your hormones away so that I can have the real you back in my arms

Back to the smiling sweet little you

Only taller, stronger and prouder you can become

if these terrible times are all over soon

I will be one happy Mum!!!


This is dedicated to one of my woody boy who is going through teenage years, I hope and pray that its over soon – am I the only Mum going through this?

Please let me know if you are going through the ups and downs of a teenage child, would love to hear from other Mums who can feel and understand where I am coming from!!!


Lisa Wood.