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The Law Of Attraction Working For You?

Lately I have been testing out the Law of Attraction with asking questions (aloud) about what I want to work within our Woody House. Guess What? They have become true…every single one of my questions that I have put out there to the Universe…..

Ask, Believe and Your Shall Receive….

Here are a few items that I have said around Woodys House that I was waiting to be answered

  • To Find a bus that we can Travel Australia in – Found one on eBay
  • Jump in with both feet and purchase said Bus, to only realise that I needed to work out how to get the bus home!!!
  • Ask the Universe for guidance on getting the bus home from NSW to QLD
  • A friend came to mind, I asked said friend and YES was their answer
  • David and friend flew down to Canberra – where one of my wonderful brothers meet them at the airport and drove them to the bus
  • The bus needed a road worthy – I asked the universe to pass the bus and to grant a permit to bring the bus home. Both were granted Monday morning
  • The bus needed Insurance. David tried RACQ – NO good (the bus was too long)…..He rang another company and was told YES
  • The insurance company was delayed with so many new requests.
  • I jumped onto Facebook and “Put it out there” that I needed the insurance company to process our paperwork asap.
  • Within 1/2 hour the paperwork was approved…..David was on the road
  • I thought David and mate would not be back in QLD until Wednesday….They made it back by Tuesday afternoon!!!


I asked the Universe for a bus to provide the Woody Boys a chance to see Australia in….the Bus arrived safe and sound.

I asked for the Bus to be approved with insurance quickly. It happened.

We then had to work out where we could park the bus once it was in Queensland. That was on a Friday before the Monday that the bus was being picked up !!!!  (I didn’t think to measure if the bus could fit pass the side of our house into the back yard!!!)

While heading out to the shops that Friday morning both David and I saw a caravan park that we always drive past. Both of us looked at each other, and both of us knew we had found our answer. In the land next to the Caravan Park are buses/caravans….all parked together for storage. On our way home we popped in and had a chat…..

Yes they could provide a spot for us to park the bus. AT a price that we thought was nuts for them, but great for us 🙂

Happy Days – We Shall Receive.

Next time I am asking for the MOON!!! I might land among the stars 🙂 Or better yet – I will Receive exactly what I ask for.

What are you Asking for? Believing in and waiting to receive?


Lisa Wood.

Proudly Presenting Law Of Attraction

Wonderful Web Women and Janet Beckers proudly present 3rd Volume Of The Law Of Attracion In Action book  – to receive your copy make sure you watch the video 🙂

Enjoy your life the way you are meant to.

Lisa Wood

Are You Aware Of The Competition that Sean Rasmussen Has gone live with?

Has ? (He Gone Completely Mad!!!)

Here is a short clip from You Tube To explain all the details – Please watch and be amazed by what is on offer. After wards think hard on how you would spend the prize money if you were to win 🙂

Now that you have seen what Sean Rasmussen is offering, have you really thought how you would spend the money?

Want to join in on the fun easy way to make money? Of course you do, we all do!!! Go to Sean Rasmussen blog by clicking on this link – listen to the easy to understand instructions on how to get started, then let your fingers do all the work.

ITS THAT EASY 🙂 So what did you decide to spend the money on? Come on share your secret. If you tell me yours I will tell you mine…..actually its that easy what I would spend the $1,000 on. Can you guess?


Cheers for Now.

Thanks to Sean Rasmussen for letting us earn while we Learn. You Rock Sean.

Lisa Wood.

The Law Of Attraction Worked In The Woodys House….

Today the universe Answered MY Prayers…We applied for another house this morning, again at Glass House Mountains and within three hours we got the phone call to say yes. Love the Law Of Attraction.

Boy was I over glad, no more looking for houses on the internet, no more taking the kids out for a drive, no more having to search…fill in forms…prove who we are….answer to real estate agencies!!!!

WE are on the move to the Glass House Mountains.

As soon as we hear from the owner when it is suitable for us to move in, that’s is when we are gone. Anyway we have to be out by the 25th of January regardless so the sooner the better.

Actually I received a surprise visit today. The new owner is a Mum and her grown son!! They have brought the house (or more to the point she has!!) and they are moving in together. Do you want to know the really weirdest thing ever? He rented this house over seven years ago, prior to us buying the house. Does that really freak you out? Sure freaks me out. So he pops in today….

Then the really freaky surprise was he thought the settlement date had been brought forward to the 20th January, Oh My God NO we have not heard that it was brought forward, and if so then they are going to have to take the house as is. Because I sure won’t have time to move, clean, pack and have the yard ready before two days time….so not happening.

Its cutting it fine if we have to be out by the 25th!! The 20th…..Oh boy will I be stressed!!!

So looking forward to moving our lives forward, and looking forward to achieving all of our goals for 2010. What about You? Come on let me know what you are up to?

Happy Days….Oh Happy Days, The Universe Has Answered My Prayers, We are Moving To Our Next Woodys House 🙂


Lisa Wood.

Life Sometimes Surprises Me!!

Sometimes in Life I get so very surprised. A nice Surprise. Not sure how it works…Does it happen because there was a reason for the surprise? Or because a person has been good? Or nice? OR does the Surprise just happen because it just does?

I often question myself throughout the day. “Am I doing all that I can?” or “Am I living my life the way I am meant to live it?”. DO you do the same?

Today was a nice surprise. My wonderful caring husband made me a coffee and brought it to me in bed. And also made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. Then cleaned the kitchen, folded the washing and took two of our boys shopping with him.

Was It A Surprise For A Reason?

Or just because I needed so much needed time to myself? I like to think of it being a very nice surprise. Life keeps giving us both some really nice surprises lately. Here are some of our wonderful surprises of late.

  1. A fellow blogger recently left a comment on one of my blogs…what a blast.

  2. On Friday I made sales online….making more money than I spent at the shops on Friday.  What a Buzz.

  3. David won money at a conference he attended yesterday.

  4. My oldest came home this afternoon from staying at a friends house and he was in a very good mood. He even cleaned the whole kitchen for us after dinner tonight….Love you babe.

  5. David made me coffee in be this morning. And took two of our boys shopping so I could have a day of R & R.  Love you heaps

  6. I am feeling like I am on top of the moon tonight…and its a good feeling.

  7. Felt like the phone was going to ring today and I knew before I picked up the phone who it was going to be. I was correct, and no we don’t have a caller I.D.  It was just my inner voice talking and I listened.

  8. Last but not least…. The best Surprise left till the last. I was on facebook when I came across this amazing surprise…You can be in the chance to win a Briefcase full of goodies worth $2000.00. Inside the Briefcase is important surprises… it is filled with a fantastic Secret Science of Getting Rich audio and visual materials and an MP3 Player loaded with audio from Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.  Sounds Interesting? For your chance to win the surprise go to  I will sure be checking it out…That is one Briefcase I would so LOVE to win!!  🙂

Life is Full Of Surprises.

I did not even have to cook dinner. How much more can one Girl take? HEAPS!! Bring it…I So Love Surprises.

There is only one more Surprise I would really like…..That’s the Selling of our House.

Selling our house will be the icing on the cake. We can then move forward….closer to the beach. Closer to living the life of our dreams.

Bring On That Surprise….Bring IT ON!!!

Love the Law of Attraction. Love how it works, and how it keeps on working.

Looking forward to having a week for of surprises. What would be your best surprise? Come on….would love to hear from you.  I know from the Data that I have vistors…so don’t be so shy….let me know your thoughts.

Love Surprises.

Loving Life To The Fullest.