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How is that some people can Create Abundance in all aspects of their life yet others seem to keep on trying to be abundant yet never get there?

Can You Create Abundance In Your Life?

Creating Abundance in your life should be easy, and you should be able to achieve your goals every day. Its sounds easy for me to say it, and it looks easy on paper. But what about in the real world? Is it easy to see how to create abundance and achieve fantastic goals? Success is really what you make it. If can come in many forms and in many different ways.

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The secret to Creating Abundance in your life is to take small baby steps, and once you start to see results then you can run as fast as you like. It’s almost like a running race but at first it is in slow motion. Here are my handy hints and tips that I use for Creating Abundance in all areas of my life….

  • Be so very grateful every single day. Get out of bed, touch your feet to the floor and say thank you to five things in your life that you have. The more you look every single day for five things to be grateful for the more wonderful amazing people and experiences will come your way. Change your thinking, you will change your life.
  • Take time for a cup of coffee…if you take the time to make a cup of coffee then take the time to sit and drink it. It’s good for the soul to have one good cup of coffee each day, and there is no use drinking it on the run or drinking it cold. SO take a seat and drink your coffee fresh.
  • Have an idea of how your day is going to go…then write a note to keep you on track. With being a Mum I need to be a little bit flexible for all those times that I am needed as a taxi driver, cook, cleaner, and basically being a Mum – but our boys also understand that I am working towards creating more abundance in our life so they know when I say “Stop – Enough already….I am working here” then they know I mean it.
  • Give jobs to each member of your family so your household chores are cut down to minimum….be ruthless here. Make sure the jobs are divided out amongst all family members, and give them heads up. They need to be doing the washing, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors, taking turns with dinner, even washing the dishes and folding the clothes. Every single boy in our house takes turn with helping around the house, and probably do more than any of there friends. BUT I like to think that if they needed to they could look after themselves!!
  • Reward yourself. Every time you achieve a goal or reach your target (no matter how small it is) reward yourself. Be it a soak in the bath, a walk by yourself, reading a good book or even having a massage. At least once a month reward all your dedication, sweat and tears, laughter and love because you and your family are worth it.

Creating Abundance can easily be achieved in your day-to-day living, and into an amazing lifestyle. You just need to know how to go about reaching for the stars and landing on the moon. How are you moving towards Creating Abundance in your life?

Love to hear what you do each day that is impacting on your future.


Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.

Here at Creating Abundance I am writing about all that I am grateful for, all that I have and all that I will have. I started a gratitude Journal Diary with saying Thank you to successful people, with three post so far.

Gratitude Journal Diary Entry

I am so very grateful to know Sean Rasmussen, Janet Beckers and Dale Beaumont. I have met all three, spoken face to face with two and listen to all three speak up on the stage. I have even spoken with Janet Beckers on the phone!! Gosh that sure made my day.

This time I would love to dedicate this Creating Abundance Gratitude Journal Diary to my family 🙂

In my eyes they are successful and for all their amazing support, love, and time I thank them. Lately I have discovered what is important in life. It’s not the material things that matter the most….its the love between the family that is what life is all about. So my family are successful in my eyes.

On Facebook one of my friends shared a video that sums it up nicely, so I thought I would share it here within my Gratitude Journal to remind all of us what life is really all about!

Grateful For My Boys and My Husband

I could write and write and write all about why I am grateful to my family. Actually that would soon become a book for sure. So to make it short n sweet here are a few of my favorite things about my family..

  1. All five boys are amazing different, with so many unique qualities that each and every one of you I treasure.
  2. When I am tired from a days work, you all pitch in and help to clean up the house!!
  3. I get a coffee in bed before I even get out of bed each morning when I am not working – thank you hubby!!
  4. When I return home from work dinner is made, the laundry is done and the kitchen is clean. Nothing can beat a clean kitchen…except maybe a clean bathroom!!
  5. My heart goes all funny when I wake up and I get cuddles in bed from the younger boys, and hugs from the older ones when I get out of bed. If I leave early for work and no one is awake, I sure miss those hugs!
  6. My day is brighter when I am able to return home and see all your gorgeous smiles.
  7. I get to spend as much quality time one on one with all five boys, for that I am very grateful
  8. Hubby and I spend at least one day a week having lunch together without the boys so that we are also having quality time – so very happy when we do!
  9. My days are spent thinking of ways I can spend more time with my family, more quality time
  10. I love my family… make me try to be a better person in everyone way possible, Thank you Woody Boys and David!

Have you told someone close to you how much you love them? Being grateful for all that you have, and all that you will have helps to Create Abundance in your life….So what are you Grateful for?

Lisa Wood

Here on Creating Abundance I am letting the world know I am so grateful to know so many wonderful like-minded people. With a different mindset the world has opened up to so many different personalities. If you are new to this blog, and not sure why I am saying Thanks to so many different successful people then you need to go back to a blog post that explains the method to my madness!

Gratitude Journal

So grateful to know……Drum Roll Please 🙂

Drum Roll  Dale Beaumont.

I have written about two other amazing people who I am grateful to know….and have many more that I am so looking forward to saying “Thank You” to.

I was not even sure who I was going to place into my post tonight until I started writing, so its kinda like a jackpot situation. I sit, I think, I ponder and then I let my mind decide who will be featured here on Creating Abundance. In no way is this a post on where I write about the Best first, the next as second best….and then the third as the last. It’s not a winning race, nor a medal competition where First, Second, Third is given out. If it was a race I would have to say that it first place has many winners 😉

Gratitude Creates Abundance

So grateful to know so many successful people who I have met, who I have seen speak at conferences or who I have heard of.

It’s all about the mindset. If you think rich then you are rich. If you think lacking then you are lacking.

So Grateful To Know Dale Beaumont….

He is amazing. If there was one guy you need to follow for inspiration than Dale is your man. I have met him a few times, and have seen him speak. But what really stands out with Dale Beaumont is his young age, yet at the same time is his wisdom. For a young man to achieve the success he has reached – that needs to be recognized with a standing ovation. So here are five good reasons why I am grateful to know Dale Beaumont.

  1. He wrote his first book at the age of 19!
  2. With another person he co-founded a youth group that today runs educational and self-development programs for 13 to 21-year-olds in four countries
  3. He has written over 15 books and sold 200,000 copies of the “Secrets Exposed”…series
  4. If you have met Dale you would know how down to earth he is yet at the same time how much knowledge he has for someone so young!
  5. Lastly but not in the least less important (actually more important!) he is a man with a gorgeous family…married to Katherine and has two gorgeous sons! He also stands above a crowd of people, not for his height, but for his honesty.

Please accept my deepest Gratitude Dale – I am proud to say that you are one successful writer, father and have the Millionaire Mindset.

If you are not sure who Dale Beaumont is, then please connect with Dale at one of his many speaking events or even on Facebook…If you are familiar with Dale Beaumont, then please add your Gratitude with your comments below.

Until then Enjoy a video of Dale that I came across…

Thanks for your time on Creating Abundance


Lisa Wood.

PS:- Please add your thanks below if you know Dale Beaumont.

Are you grateful for all those you have met, know or have heard about? Here at Creating Abundance I will be saying a huge “Thank you” via a Gratitude Journey, dedicating a journal to those that I am grateful to know.

Gratitude Journey Is Grateful

On the first Gratitude Journal post I was sending a huge “Thanks” to Sean Rasmussen…..he sure is one down to earth successful online internet Marketer that shares all he knows about Affiliate Marketing and then some 🙂

Drum Roll Please

For another huge “Thanks” this post on Creating Abundance is Dedicated to…..

Janet Beckers.

Are you one of the lucky ones to have met Janet Beckers from Wonderful Web Women? Or at least heard about Janet Beckers? I sure hope so, if not make it one of your goals for this year!

So very grateful to know Janet Beckers, heard her speak at conferences and then had the pleasure of speaking with Janet on the phone. The way Janet thinks and runs her business is little short of amazing.

Actually its more than amazing, its brilliant. Janet Beckers shares her story of how she went to wealth creation conferences after conferences, and was not succeeding. Then an idea came to Janet, such a simple idea but at the same time an idea that made sense.

Simple Idea Creates Millions

Janet’s idea, and her inspiration came from such a novel idea…From the toilet line ups at each conferences!!…..She soon realised that women chatted about the conferences while waiting to go to the toilet, giving Janet an answer on what website to create – the number one popular website among women. Wonderful Web Women was born.

Within a very short time frame Janet replaced her yearly income, and since then has never looked back. Today Janet Beckers experiences life with her husband Doug and her two gorgeous children the way we always dreamed life should be lived…..with quality time, quality holidays and able to work her own hours from her home.

Wondering why I am doing a Gratitude Journal Online?

After listening to a mindset CD series in the car to and from work I decided to spend time here in Creating Abundance dedicating my thanks to those that I admire. The Wealth Mindset (CD) says to be grateful for those around you that are successful. Once you accept that you can be wealthy, and to have a Gratitude Mindset your life will change.

Are you ready for a different Mindset? Who are you grateful to know, to meet or to hear about in your life?

Be sure to say Thanks to someone in your life at least once a day and soon you will see your life change for the better. Are you ready to change your life? Then welcome to the Creating Abundance Club 🙂


Lisa Wood.

PS:- Please add your comments on why you are grateful for knowing Janet Beckers below….be grateful for your feedback 🙂

Today starts the day for a new Gratitude Journal entry here on Creating Abundance. This is a first of many to follow, where I am sharing with you who I am grateful to know.

Gratitude New Journal Entry

Here marks the history of success for Creating Abundance. Please know that I took all day to decide who to say “Thanks” to in this very first post…..its not all about who I think is the most successful person, nor who I hold above the rest. It’s all about trying to be grateful to all those that I have met, heard of on the internet, seen speak and even spoken to a few times at different conferences.

Drum Roll Please

Drum Roll

Shouting it out loud, that I am grateful to announce Creating Abundance first Gratitude Journal Entry goes to……..

Sean Rasmussen. Aussie Internet Marketer, Father of two boys and married to one amazing lady by the name of Cherie. Please accept my deepest thank you for all that I have learnt from you, and all that I will be learning from you.

Here are ten reasons while Sean Rasmussen has touched my life in many ways

  1. He is proud of his achievements
  2. With his blog Sean Rasmussen – Aussie Internet Marketer, and Aussie Internet Marketing Blog he  shares all of his knowledge, giving away so much information for free
  3. In his YOTA forum Sean and his team stand by their motto “To share as much information as possible and to answer questions within a short time frame”
  4. Meeting Sean, you will see how tall he stands – and I am not talking about his height but more about his attitude to life
  5. Sean believes in a positive mindset, so instead of thinking negative words or having a negative mindset he will turn words around to become positive eg:- replacing frustrating with fascinating
  6. If there is any questions that Sean and his team are not sure about then they are honest enough with their answer – and seek the answer asap
  7. He stands by his Aussie integrity and is a true bloke  
  8. With his step by step guide you will soon see the same results Sean achieved because there is no fluff to his down to earth products
  9. There is a calmness about Sean, a real easy bloke who knows how to stay focused at work but also has a side that knows how to enjoy life
  10. Lastly but not least, Sean is a family man – who knew that to save his marriage he had to find a way out of his J.O.B (which was in the mines) and into a healthy lifestyle that allowed him to spend quality time with his wife and two boys – while still earning a decent income.

 If you are yet to meet Sean Rasmussen, then you are in for a real treat. For all those that know of Sean, who have met him – please add your “Thank You” at the end of this Creating Abundance post so that the Gratitude Affect is spread far and wide.

Here is one of my favorite YouTube clips from Sean….

There are many more from Sean Rasmussen, and from his trips abroad….I could actually add many more videos here on Creating Abundance dedicated to Sean!!!

So thanks sent your way as a huge Gratitude Journal Entry. I am grateful for all his teaching. What are you grateful for from life?

Looking forward to deciding on who I can add next here on Creating Abundance for another Gratitude Journal Entry….I wonder; will it be another hard decision on who to write about?   I have so many wonderful people who I want to send a huge Thank You to!!

Lisa Wood

PS:- Stay tuned for the next Gratitude Journal Entry here on Creating Abundance 🙂