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Here Is About A Book I have being reading called “Wake Up And Dream” by Pat Mesiti. If you are a regluar to here then you would have seen a few blog post about my favorite book. Being a book-worm means that I am reading at least two books at the one time….and not normally finishing the books before picking up another one to read.  This Time Was Different.

Wake Up And Dream By Pat Mesiti….

Is one book that is now my very best friend, and one that I was not able to put down until I read the WHOLE book – actually I am going to go back and start again, this time with a hi-lighter!!

Here is a twist to my blog…..I have decided to place a live video here on Woodys House from Youtube… this being my very first time that I am going live with a video, please be kind with your comments (or Maybe be honnest in a kind way !!) 🙂

Chapter Two Of Wake Up and Dream

In Chapter Two Pat Mesiti says “Dreams Change Lives. You’ve read this far yet you might still be thinking: What will a dream do for me? How can it change me?”

Then he goes onto say……. “In a nutshell: dreams will make you. They will create your character, your attitudes. Build you up. Make you a better you – unless you like the you that you are and don’t want a New Improved Version!”……

There is more written in the book, which I highly recommend you get a copy of – Maybe try ebay or a second hand book store!!! Then there is the summary of Chapter 2 which is what I read out loud.

This book has opened up my world…..I am meeting many like-minded people who I would never have been game enough to meet before – believe it all not, I actually am a very shy private person and stepping out of my comfort zone is thanks to this book. Image if I had never read the book, never pushed myself? Imagine not finding my true passion in life and chasing my dream? That is what is happening to too many Men and Women in this very world we live in. We are getting caught up in life and not dreaming.

So I challenge you  –  Step up to your life. Dream your Dream Life. Right down your plan/your goals – tell all those around you what you want. Say it loud, Say it enough, Repeat it to yourself. Watch how the universe will provide for you. Believe in yourself……I have tested out the Universe lately and every single goal I have wanted has come true – the Universe answered my wishes.

You Are So Worthy of so much more from life. Grab your chances with both hands, take on board what you believe and ask for your Dreams to come true.

I will go onto Chapter three shortly, but before I do…..I ask of you – What Are Your Dreams?

Thank You so very much for staying around Woodys House to read my blogs, and share my dreams.

Here’s To Your Dream

Lisa Wood from Woodys House.

Follow Your Dreams, Listen To Your Heart

I have learnt that you really should follow your heart, and follow your dreams – NO MATTER WHAT is happening in life.

Recently (at the end of January 2010) we sold our house at D’aguilar QLD. I was all for it, and now I am wondering WHY?

When we sold I was keen to travel Australia with our five Woody Boys but hubby wanted to stay and rent a house for one more year and then travel. For whatever reasons (he had some really good ones at the time) I agreed and we followed a path of staying put and then traveling Australia next year.

Only today, this very morning it hit me that we are wasting too much time waiting for another six months before traveling. I was out and about when the feeling over came me – we all should Follow Your Own Heart and pursue goals. So upon returning to home I got on-line and checked out eBay.

The universe provided for us again. There is a bus/motorhome that is almost big enough for our family and I placed a bid. I have never felt so very nervous in all of my life. My hand was shaking, I was sweating all over and then I pressed “Bid”. I did it!!! I put a bid on a bus in NSW. I have my fingers crossed….then I had to tell Hubby what I had done 🙂

He was shocked to say the least, but after listening to my view points and understanding where I was coming from he knew what I had done was right for us. I know like I know like I know I am Following My Heart. I want to travel with my five Woody Boys…..I want to show them Australia before they spread their wings and they are gone. Time is far too short, and I am not going to waste another moment in life waiting for the perfect moment.

I am actually a “take action” kind of person. Hubby likes to sit, think, and then think some more before deciding what is the right way to go about doing things. NOT ME….I believe in things being done yesterday.

Which I suppose is a really good combination to have in a marriage – because I sometimes jump in with both feet, while he steps in and lets me know when to pull out at least one foot!!

Do You Follow Your Heart?

I am not sure if I will win this bid that I have placed on the motorhome – actually it does not concern me if for some reason I am not the winner. I now know what I want from life, and I know that if this bus is not for us – then another bus will be around the corner any time soon. I have “put it out” there that I want to travel, in a bus big enough for all of us – so that is what the universe will provide.

What is Your Dream?

Share your story here…..would love to know how many others are Following Their Own Hearts and chasing their goals/dreams.

Thanks for stopping on by here at Woodys House. Will keep you updated on how I go….maybe tonight I will be celebrating with drinks at our local Pub (mind you I am not a big drinker so it will be orange juice!!) or maybe David will be celebrating because we were out bid!!!!


Lisa Wood.

Are You Really Chasing Your Dreams?

Or Are You Chasing Your Tail?

Do you really make an effort everyday to go after your dreams, or do you go around in circles trying to reach your dreams but not really getting the results you need?

Sometimes life happens. There are things that you have no control over and that is that. There is not much you can do when life little surprises pop up and get in the way of your day.

What you can do is to make sure that Life gets back onto track as soon as possible. From the moment you notice that your train has de-railed Stop what you are do. Straight away. Forget waiting a day or two to get back on board. STOP RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

Take stock of what has happened. Put it into perspective and then hit the road (so to speak). Get out your goal book. Get out your Vision board and rewrite or view it all over again. Pull yourself into focus and realise what is important. Is your Goal big enough to re-group your thoughts? If not, why not? Get out your pen, Get out your paper and create the life you desire.

Chasing Your Dreams Or Chasing Your Tail?

Do you feel like that you are going around and around and not getting anywhere? Do you feel like you have hit the spot you started at? Not to worry, sometimes we all go through those thoughts. That are not bad thoughts, they are actually great thoughts. WHY? Because it will make you stop what you are doing, which is not working, and to re-gather your thoughts and actions so that you are chasing your Dreams once again.

I have Dreams (goals) and I know that I will reach my end result. Sometimes I too jump the rails, and go through the grass instead of the track. The trick is to stop what I am doing (because it’s not working for me) and to hop on board for the ride of my life.

Life is a journey. Make it the most fun you possible can. Learn to act like today is your last day…..You will be amazed at how much you can get done.

What Are Your Dreams? Are You Chasing Them Or Chasing Your Tail?

Lisa Wood.

To Study Or Chase Your Dreams….

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a midwife. Its been a life long dream of mine. One that I have never looked at chasing.

Until now.

Today I started my Nursing Course for Certificate 3. The course goes for 12 weeks on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. In the last three weeks of the course I will be out on the job training at a facility that takes all of us that are studying. Usually when we are finished our three-week placement training all of the group will be offered a job within the facility we are training at (or that is the hope!!)

I will then be Studying for my Certificate 4 in and around working. As soon as I have completed the Certificate 4 I will be taking further studies. I want to get as many skills behind me as possible so that next year I can start my study to train to be a midwife.

I have realised lately that I am not too old to start to study, and can still chase my dreams and my passion. Life is for the living.

I have been following a blog for the last week to learn more about the internet and within that blog I have come across a quote that I am printing out and placing around the house – I hope Sean Rasmussen does not mind that I am pinching one of his quotes!!!

“A quitter Never Wins – and a Winner Never Quits”

If are looking for a mentor and someone to teach you the ropes of the internet then click on this link Sean Rasmussen.

You Will Be Surprised To Learn That You Are Never Too Old To Study, Nor Too Old To Chase Your Dreams.

Here’s To Your Success…..whatever your dreams are 🙂

Lisa Wood.


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Up Before All For The Gym…..

Today I was up before the boys and out the door. I wanted to get to the gym and exercise before the start of a busy day…..

I knew that I had to help out at Tuckshop and head up to Caloundra. I wanted to do some banking, and have a swim at the beach.

It was a crazy windy day, not a great day for the beach but I really wanted to swim. I needed to get into the ocean and swim. I feel so much better after visiting the beach, my skin feels so fresh and my mind so much clearer.

I finished Tuckshop as soon as possible, rushed home and put a load of washing on the  line. Grabbed my swimmers and hubby’s swimmers and headed off.

After filling up with petrol, and getting a healthy lunch to go we headed to the beach.

We got the banking done as quick as possible, and the posting. Straight to the beach….We were nearly blown away from the wind.

BUT I was determined to get my swim in. I only ended up being in the water for 15 minutes because we had to be back to pick up the Three Younger Woody Boys by 2.30pm. School finishes so much earlier at the Glass House mountains than at our last school. They also start earlier – they have to be at school by 8.30 am – sometimes I make it on time, other times we are five minutes late getting to school 🙂

I so love the Gym…The Gym I have joined at Beerwah lets you work out for 1/2 hour at a time. So I am in the Gym and out within 35 minutes which is perfect for our busy life. I have set a goal for my birthday, and I am determined to reach it….with Walking, Swimming, Gym, Climbing Mt Ngungun – here comes the new Woody Mum.

I have a picture in my head of how I want my body to be, so now I am working on getting the body of my dreams.

Will keep you updated as I go along:)


Lisa Wood.