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The Universe Is Really Testing Us At The Moment….

The Woodys need a new house, we have sold and have until the 25th of January to be out… far we have had two houses that we were going for and both times we just missed out.

Not sure why or how this is happening…..

The one at Landsborough went back to the previous tenants as they asked the owner to let them back in. The other one at Glass House Mountains (which I was really keen on) was taken back from the Real estate because the owner decided to rent it out to a “best friend” WHAT!!

My first words to the real estate was “Are You Serious?”… could that be?

The real estate was not impressed especially because they had spent a fair bit of time on looking into approving us. The one good thing that did come out of all this was that we have been approved as the best possible tenants for the real estate….so that if they do have any houses available they will give me a call as we are first on the list.

Until then, what am I supposed to do? Please tell me how a family of five woody boys and two parents are meant to vacate before January 25th when there is nothing suitable and available?

Testing Times in our house…..back to the goal book, meditation, visualization and imagining that I have already found what I am looking for…

“A gorgeous house, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, land to move on, close to the older boys school, a pool, closer to shops/beach, family room and a place that feels like home”.

Good times ahead in our house.

PLEASE send positive thoughts our way.




From Last Week, To Back On Track.

Last Week was not a good week....

This Week is so much better and I am back on Track.

I have shaken myself out of feeling frustrated, to writing in my goal book…using pictures and words to feel so much better.

  1. We printed out a photo of our house, with Sold written across it.

  2. I placed it into my goal book with writing saying how grateful that I am for selling our house.

  3. With a date for the house to be sold before November, Moving into our new house before Christmas 2009.

  4. Details with how good it feels to move our life forward…..rewards waiting for us at our new house.

  5. The next stage of our lives….

  6. David getting the direction he wants for his life.

  7. How good Christmas will be at the beach.

It feels so amazing to be back on track, and have a very positive mindset.

That is gold.

Thanks for your support and love, thoughts and well wishes sent our way last week.

Looking forward to seeing “SOLD” sign on the “FOR SALE” sign out the front….Looking forward to spending every day at the Beach 🙂

Frustrated Turned around and Back On Track this week at Woodys House!!!

Lisa from Woodys House.