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How Would You Feel If This Was You?

Today was very challenging to say the least. Actually it was bloody hard. I am still trying to get my head around it and find the silver lining in the situation.

It happened and I am at a lost with what to make of it. What Ever Happened To Respect?

As many of you are aware I am doing a nursing course in Certificate 3. If you are new to here go to Woodys Boys by clicking here to see what is happening in Woodys House.

Within the course is a person who is in need of care. Care that is only able to be provided by the right services. I am not sure of the persons situation outside of the course, and I do not know the persons history. All I know is that after watching the person I am concerned about what is going on within that person. I have watched a room full of people only worried about their needs, their own thoughts and their own feelings without thinking of the person that is going through some kind of a situation.

I am wondering what ever happened to being mindful of a person’s feelings?

Luckily the said person is in their own little world and does not know what is going on around them.

There was NO respect in that room today and I for one am ashamed that I am Australian, sitting in a room full of people who are so un-Australian.

I like to say to my Boys “Do To Others Like You Would Like Done To You” and “How would you feel if that was you, and everyone was laughing at you?” I am a big believer in doing to others as you would like done to yourself.

Choose Respect.

I found a Site “Choose Respect” with a quote on his home page that I would like to be able to share. Please Stop On By Here To see what the Owner Of The Site has as a motto. If Only we all lived by his saying, what a wonderful world we would live in 🙂

What Has Become Of Australians That We Can Not Show We Care?

I am looking beyond today and moving forward. The Silver Lining from Today? I am Proud to say that I did not laugh when the person was in the room, nor did I make fun of the said person situation.

To get my head around the whole situation I am going to be leaving you with this quote – ” To Be Yourself In A World that Is Constantly Trying To Make You something Else Is the Greatest Accomplishment” by Ralph Waldo Emerson”.

May We All Think About Another Persons Feelings Before We Act On Our Own!!


Lisa Wood.

We Are So Excited

We have attended events from Dymphna Boholt, on how to make money with Real Estate Investments. David and I have joined her course and now we are looking forward to applying her information.

Yesterday her course package arrived and we fell a little bit overwhelmed. There is so much to learn, so much to apply on how to invest the right way.

We have had an investment property before (but was not set up the safe way) and with Dymphna Boholt helpful information we will be having lots of investment propertys so that by this time next year will be and will have the life of our dreams.

Lately I have been blown away with how much has come our way….I have asked, I have seen, I have felt and all of the things that I have asked for have come into our life.

  1. A big enough house for us to enjoy – we found one in Glass House Mountains that is perfect
  2. Like minded People to come into our life – I have meet many wonderful people over the last weekend.
  3. A caravan for our oldest so that he can have his own personal space – we found one last week.
  4. Davids new ute – He paid and had it delivered on Saturday just gone.
  5. A place for me to stay in Brisbane over night on Saturday night so that I could help out with the Think and Grow Rich event
  6. Bikes for the boys – we have seen where we want to purchase them from now we need to return to pick them up.
  7. More and More opportunities to move our life forward – each and every day different themes are surrounding our family so that this is possible.

Know that I am no different to you, I am a Mum to five Wood boys and the only thing that is different is my feelings within. I can dream, I can believe and I can feel all that I am seeking is coming into our life at a fast rate. Its almost like a snow ball effect….ask for something small and it rolls around long enough to become big and wonderful……

Here’s to you becoming Excited about your life.

Lisa Wood.