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Are You Really Chasing Your Dreams?

Or Are You Chasing Your Tail?

Do you really make an effort everyday to go after your dreams, or do you go around in circles trying to reach your dreams but not really getting the results you need?

Sometimes life happens. There are things that you have no control over and that is that. There is not much you can do when life little surprises pop up and get in the way of your day.

What you can do is to make sure that Life gets back onto track as soon as possible. From the moment you notice that your train has de-railed Stop what you are do. Straight away. Forget waiting a day or two to get back on board. STOP RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

Take stock of what has happened. Put it into perspective and then hit the road (so to speak). Get out your goal book. Get out your Vision board and rewrite or view it all over again. Pull yourself into focus and realise what is important. Is your Goal big enough to re-group your thoughts? If not, why not? Get out your pen, Get out your paper and create the life you desire.

Chasing Your Dreams Or Chasing Your Tail?

Do you feel like that you are going around and around and not getting anywhere? Do you feel like you have hit the spot you started at? Not to worry, sometimes we all go through those thoughts. That are not bad thoughts, they are actually great thoughts. WHY? Because it will make you stop what you are doing, which is not working, and to re-gather your thoughts and actions so that you are chasing your Dreams once again.

I have Dreams (goals) and I know that I will reach my end result. Sometimes I too jump the rails, and go through the grass instead of the track. The trick is to stop what I am doing (because it’s not working for me) and to hop on board for the ride of my life.

Life is a journey. Make it the most fun you possible can. Learn to act like today is your last day…..You will be amazed at how much you can get done.

What Are Your Dreams? Are You Chasing Them Or Chasing Your Tail?

Lisa Wood.