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If you are after more out of life and want more time with your loved ones it is possible. To create abundance in your life you need to Change The Way You Think to Change Your World.

Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Action, Action Becomes Things

If you were to ask a genie for three wishes after the genie had been sitting in the bottle for over a 100 years what would you ask for? It’s not a trick question – think about your deepest wish in life. Change The Way You Think Change Your World is so very possible and I should share with you here why I know that is to be true….

  • We are living in the very spot I wished that we lived in two years ago
  • I brought a bus from eBay after our family had talked about it for a very long time
  • Our Internet Marketing is working and will be providing an income for us to be able to live our dream lifestyle
  • Next year will be traveling Australia
  • I contacted one newspaper and had our story placed in two different newspapers
  • Today was another interview with a different aspect of our story
  • We will be doing regular articles for “The Wanderer” the best RV motor home magazine in Australia.
  • Our family will be spending much-needed quality time together.

All because we changed the way we think and our world is changing around us for the better.  If you get very clear with what you want out of life and you focus your attention on the end result, with the reason why being bigger than you – then all you need to do is sit back and watch for the results. They will blow your mind and make you question why it took so long to make a change. Don’t believe me then read this!

Change Your Mind Change Your World

What are you looking for in life that will be creating and attracting abundance. Come on be honest here – do you have a dream car that you have always wanted to buy. Mine is a BMW.

Do you have a dream house that is located in the perfect spot of the world?

Do you have holidays that dream of visiting every single year or twice year?

Get very detailed in your plan in life. Change your story and you will soon see your story come true. I have been using a different mindset for the last six months and it is carrying me on a high. A bigger high then I have ever thought possible. Much more effective than any drug that is out there, and last far longer. All you have to do is put an order into the universe on what you life should be like and then sit back and be stunned that it will all come true.

What are you doing in your life to change your thoughts that will lead to changing your life?


Lisa Wood

Creating Abudance.