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Have you got every thing in your life to really make you happy? Is it possible to have to have your cake and eat it too? What about thinking with the Law Of Attraction to Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance.

Law Of Attraction

The universe is open to all invitations. You just need to know what party you want, where you want to have your party and who to invite. Its like life – if you have clear directions and a location to reach you will soon arrive there and in time. If you drive through life aimlessly then your life will go around and around in circles, placing you back where you started.

So think very clearly about the Law Of Attraction. Either you are right or you are right. What you say will happen… predict your future in about 10 minutes. Open your mouth and say what you are, what you do, what you want to be doing and where you want to go. Now right that down on paper. Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance has just began.

Creating Abundance Attracting Abundance Exercise

So what was on your paper? Lets use this example (and I am not revealing if it is my dream life with my answers to the Law of Attraction!!) as answers to the questions above.

  1. What I am – Future Millionaire
  2. What I do – Expanding my mind and my education through training, DVD, CD and following a mentor
  3. What I will be Doing – Follow my dreams to turn my education into passive income so I can spend quality time with my family
  4. Where I want to go – To explore the universe and to tests the boundaries in life to see if the Law Of Attraction will provide my wishes and then even more.

Thais an attitude that is working, towards Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance into a life that will be full of blessing and joy. Turn around the above questions into different answers from a different mindset and lets see how the universe provides differently.

  1. What I am – An Employee for a factory out let
  2. What I do – Pack chocolates into boxes to send out to retail stores
  3. What I will be Doing – Working up through the ranks to management team within a period of 10 years
  4. Where I want to go – I want to reach the highest level and manage the floor of the factory, and take 2 weeks holidays every year.

Can you see how two different mindsets are working? Is one better than the other or one work more than the other? Who is to say….I am not here to say that management (or head supervisor) is not a great goal to work towards, but I am here to question you. Are you working smarter in your life to Creating Abundance and Attracting Abundance? Or are you working the so-called system that is meant to provide all of our needs?

I know which Law of Attraction group I would like to associate myself with. I have a deep connection with the first set of answers. So deep that I am very careful with my thoughts, with what I say, with how I walk, and with how I respond to everyday living. That is the attitude that I know I need to have to live a life of my dreams Creating Abundance and Attraction Abundance in all areas of my life.

Thanks for watching – what answers did you get to the questions?


Creating Abundance.