Can “The Secret” really be true? Can you look within your self and at your lifestyle to change what is going on around you? Is it really possible to have your dream lifestyle with Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money?

How Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money Works

Creating Abundance is all around us. Its how we think, how we feel and how we act. If you look at what you are thinking and what you are saying you will soon see how your life is created from what you are focusing on. So why not change your thoughts and the way you are thinking so that you are manifesting Money every day. Instead of focusing on a lack of wealth, focus on Creating Abundance.

Here are 5 hints and tips that I apply every day to help with changing my mindset, changing my life and changing my world

  1. Every morning awake with saying Thank You to all that I have and all that I am willing to accept.
  2. Visualize a lifestyle of my dreams. I have a vision Picture (its a picture frame with all my lifestyle pictures)  near my bed and upon waking I glance at my vision board – again saying thank you. Each night I go to bed and glance at my vision board….and you got it – I say Thank You for the most amazing day.
  3. I Write into my Abundance Diary all that I want in my life. With that I am talking about writing down how my life is as if I have achieved all of my dreams – writing in as if I am successful.
  4. Listen to my meditation CD every night before I am asleep. I use the above “Manifest Money” CD every single time I looking for  Law of Attraction to assist my life. Does it work? Will I guess it does because every day my life moves one step closer to my goals and my dreams.
  5. Use power thoughts to have a Positive Mindset. If I focus on creating abundance and manifesting money then the mindset takes over and the Universe provides.

Are You Really Serious About Manifesting Money?

If you are serious about changing what you focus on, want your dream lifestyle – be it working from home, having more time, relaxing more on the beach, spending more quality time with family….whatever you want in life is within you. It’s within your sight. All you have to do is have an open mind. What you focus on expands. So if you want a lack of lifestyle then think lack. If you want your dream lifestyle then focus on Manifesting Money.

Use the above picture, click on the image and change your life. If you are after more after of life, and want to see changes then you have two choices. Either ignore this post and the message within about Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money….or you can decide to work smarter with your life and have your CD ready to play tonight…..It really is that simple.

What You Focus On Expands – Focus On Creating Abundance And  Manifest Money – Are your Ready To Explode Your World?

Lisa Wood.

Creating Abundance.


How is that some people can Create Abundance in all aspects of their life yet others seem to keep on trying to be abundant yet never get there?

Can You Create Abundance In Your Life?

Creating Abundance in your life should be easy, and you should be able to achieve your goals every day. Its sounds easy for me to say it, and it looks easy on paper. But what about in the real world? Is it easy to see how to create abundance and achieve fantastic goals? Success is really what you make it. If can come in many forms and in many different ways.

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The secret to Creating Abundance in your life is to take small baby steps, and once you start to see results then you can run as fast as you like. It’s almost like a running race but at first it is in slow motion. Here are my handy hints and tips that I use for Creating Abundance in all areas of my life….

  • Be so very grateful every single day. Get out of bed, touch your feet to the floor and say thank you to five things in your life that you have. The more you look every single day for five things to be grateful for the more wonderful amazing people and experiences will come your way. Change your thinking, you will change your life.
  • Take time for a cup of coffee…if you take the time to make a cup of coffee then take the time to sit and drink it. It’s good for the soul to have one good cup of coffee each day, and there is no use drinking it on the run or drinking it cold. SO take a seat and drink your coffee fresh.
  • Have an idea of how your day is going to go…then write a note to keep you on track. With being a Mum I need to be a little bit flexible for all those times that I am needed as a taxi driver, cook, cleaner, and basically being a Mum – but our boys also understand that I am working towards creating more abundance in our life so they know when I say “Stop – Enough already….I am working here” then they know I mean it.
  • Give jobs to each member of your family so your household chores are cut down to minimum….be ruthless here. Make sure the jobs are divided out amongst all family members, and give them heads up. They need to be doing the washing, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors, taking turns with dinner, even washing the dishes and folding the clothes. Every single boy in our house takes turn with helping around the house, and probably do more than any of there friends. BUT I like to think that if they needed to they could look after themselves!!
  • Reward yourself. Every time you achieve a goal or reach your target (no matter how small it is) reward yourself. Be it a soak in the bath, a walk by yourself, reading a good book or even having a massage. At least once a month reward all your dedication, sweat and tears, laughter and love because you and your family are worth it.

Creating Abundance can easily be achieved in your day-to-day living, and into an amazing lifestyle. You just need to know how to go about reaching for the stars and landing on the moon. How are you moving towards Creating Abundance in your life?

Love to hear what you do each day that is impacting on your future.


Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.

If you were given a crystal ball and it revealed your life’s history, your present day, and your new direction in life with The End Result given to you….would that a make a huge difference in your life or would you dismiss it as being a hoax?

The End Result Is Within

In life there is always a mystery path to take, with an outcome that is sometimes surprising and other times a clear-cut end result. If you have ever been given a new challenge in life, with questions that need to be answered then you will understand what I am saying and where this is going.

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Life is meant to be full of good times, and some not so good times. It does not matter what life throws at you, its how you handle yourself that is important. Either stand tall and proud and be quiet, or crumble into a heap…you have a choice which person you want to be.

So why be tall, proud and be quiet. It’s really simple – if you stand tall and you are proud it will show in all aspects of your life. Being quiet – that is the part where you will find your answer giving you the end result. Look within, listen to your inner voice and you will find the true you.

If you are going to crumble into a heap then do so – but do so when no one is watching. Why you might ask? Because in real life people make really quick decisions about your personality, and unfortunately once they have made up there mind about who you are (the real you) then its really hard to change that image.

So What Does This All Mean?

I have met some amazing people in the last two years, women and men that have influenced my life in one way or the other. Sometimes I have really connected with them – other times I have chosen to avoid those people. I need to surround myself with people who will assist my life journey with a positive outcome. This past week I have seen two amazing ladies being questioned about their life’s purpose, their website name and even the direction that they are taking with the internet. I am proud to say that they have stood tall, stood proud and are questioning within.

With the way the are handling their current situation, and their outlook on what new direction their life is taking – I know they will succeed. Why you might ask? Well because on the outside of ones personality you can tell how the inside of their personality is behaving.  They might be having a melt down – especially with all that is being thrown their way – but those moments are private moments. Which goes to show you how strong they really are.

The End Result

There are no easy answers in life. It’s what you do with the situation that makes you the person you are. Are you going to stand tall, be proud and be quiet so that your new direction will be shown to you…almost like a crystal ball giving you the answers?  I send my thoughts out to these two amazing ladies, and wait with excitement to see their outcome of the end results that they discover.

How you thought about how your image in life reveals the “real” you? Are you going to handle life challenges by being Proud, Tall, Strong. with faith that all will be ok?

Life is a mystery, with no crystal balls on offer. BUT you create your life, so which direction are you taking next? Are you heading down a path that you are meant to be taking…or are you going against the tide with the end results not what you expected?

Here’s to you standing tall and proud


Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.

Sometimes I wonder about life and wonder if there is reason in Understanding Life. What can I say….I am a dreamer and have always been passionate about what I do. But there are times I have to wonder.

How Understanding Life Will Help

If you have ever gone through life and wonder how you ended up in the position you have landed in…then you know what I am talking about. For those that have no idea what I am saying – just bear with me here and pretend to understand!!  I have a vision in life, and I have a dream. Sometimes it is clear…..other times its like a fog coming in off the hillside rolling towards me but is still not all that clear.

Understanding Life Seems Unclear

Understanding Life and all of its meaning sometimes is clear, other times unclear. When I wake up in the morning and I jump out of bed feeling on top of the word – now that is a day to be grateful for. Other days I wish my head fuzz would clear and point me in the direction I am meant to be taking.

When the morning starts of in a big haze, I know that I have to listen to the little voice within. It soon helps with understanding life and its purpose. Those times when I have a clear head, I tap into my creative dreams and visions. Those are the days when I smile the most. Those days seem to be coming in fast and furious and I so love them. They make all of my hard work, blood sweat and tears so worth it.  With my dreams and my passion I  know I will succeed.

Is Your Life Worth Living?

I have to ask you this question – Is Your Life Worth Living? Are you getting out of bed in the morning and being thankful for all that you have, and all that you will receive? Are you focusing clearly on what you want, rather than what you have had? The more you focus on the direction you want your life to head the more you will receive

“What You Think About Will Happen”……not sure where I heard this saying but I have taken it on board. The more you focus on what is lacking in your life, the more you lack. Understanding Life and the Law of Attraction, and how it all works will shape your future.

So What Is Your Life Worth?

Are you destined to be poor for ever more, or are you destined in life for grander things? I know what I want in life, I have a purpose and a dream. Slowly I have shaping my life towards the direction that I do want, and to understanding why I was born.

Have you reached your full potential in life? Are you living your life with passion and determination? Life is so bloody short so make the most of what you have, and create more of what you want. Focus….Determination……Mindset……Dream……Share……Love…..Grateful………Faith – they are all the qualities you need for success.

What Are You Doing To Determine Your Understanding In Life?

Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance

What if I could share with you how you can turn your blog into a rainbow with pot of gold waiting at the end just for you? There is a way your blog could be making you money, starting today. Creating Abundance is sharing how you can put your blog into the number one spot on google, Turn Your Blog Into Gold!!

Turn Your Blog Into Gold Easily

Take you blog, write your post and then what? There is special formula that is needed to take your blog to the next level. If you are not sure what missing ingredient you are missing from your life then stop whatever you are doing and play this short video…..

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You Can Turn Your Blog Into Gold

With the right know how, a passion and a dream – you are success waiting to happen. What are you waiting for?

Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance – Creating Your Lifestyle.