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Here Is About A Book I have being reading called “Wake Up And Dream” by Pat Mesiti. If you are a regluar to here then you would have seen a few blog post about my favorite book. Being a book-worm means that I am reading at least two books at the one time….and not normally finishing the books before picking up another one to read.  This Time Was Different.

Wake Up And Dream By Pat Mesiti….

Is one book that is now my very best friend, and one that I was not able to put down until I read the WHOLE book – actually I am going to go back and start again, this time with a hi-lighter!!

Here is a twist to my blog…..I have decided to place a live video here on Woodys House from Youtube… this being my very first time that I am going live with a video, please be kind with your comments (or Maybe be honnest in a kind way !!) 🙂

Chapter Two Of Wake Up and Dream

In Chapter Two Pat Mesiti says “Dreams Change Lives. You’ve read this far yet you might still be thinking: What will a dream do for me? How can it change me?”

Then he goes onto say……. “In a nutshell: dreams will make you. They will create your character, your attitudes. Build you up. Make you a better you – unless you like the you that you are and don’t want a New Improved Version!”……

There is more written in the book, which I highly recommend you get a copy of – Maybe try ebay or a second hand book store!!! Then there is the summary of Chapter 2 which is what I read out loud.

This book has opened up my world…..I am meeting many like-minded people who I would never have been game enough to meet before – believe it all not, I actually am a very shy private person and stepping out of my comfort zone is thanks to this book. Image if I had never read the book, never pushed myself? Imagine not finding my true passion in life and chasing my dream? That is what is happening to too many Men and Women in this very world we live in. We are getting caught up in life and not dreaming.

So I challenge you  –  Step up to your life. Dream your Dream Life. Right down your plan/your goals – tell all those around you what you want. Say it loud, Say it enough, Repeat it to yourself. Watch how the universe will provide for you. Believe in yourself……I have tested out the Universe lately and every single goal I have wanted has come true – the Universe answered my wishes.

You Are So Worthy of so much more from life. Grab your chances with both hands, take on board what you believe and ask for your Dreams to come true.

I will go onto Chapter three shortly, but before I do…..I ask of you – What Are Your Dreams?

Thank You so very much for staying around Woodys House to read my blogs, and share my dreams.

Here’s To Your Dream

Lisa Wood from Woodys House.

Day 12 Of A 14 Day Water Fast!! Totally Inspired by Don Tolman

I still can not believe I have made it this far. I have added juice today (and small glass yesterday) throughout the day, and grapes. I feel amazing.

Today was my best day by far. I feel like I have a clear head, clearing skin, healthier and happier than I have been in a very long time. Its like I can see the world in different colours.

Was it the Meditation I listened to last night as I went to Sleep? Or was it the juice I had today. It was only organic pear juice, so I think it might have been the Meditation CD that I heard as going to sleep 🙂

The Best Part Of Day 12

You know what the best thing was today? Telling a few of my class mates how I had been on water for the last 9 days, and water/juice for today. The expressions on their faces was priceless.

The questions I got – “How have you not fallen over”. “Did you get headaches”. “Did you get totally moody?” “How come you didn’t die!!!”

I was smiling, and trying to explain how safe it was without laughing at the same time. PRICELESS.

Grateful to Don Tolman

I feel years younger, have so much energy and looking forward to moving my life forward. My deepest gratitude is sent to Don Tolman, if you ever get to read this – Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Your teachings how changed how I feel about life, and has changed my life for the better. Please take the time to stop on by Don Tolman website – You too could be changed for ever 🙂

Looking forward to the weekend. I am going to be eating as much fruit as possible over the weekend, and then by Monday will be moving on to a raw food diet.

How was your day?

Thanks for stopping on by here and sharing your time with keeping up to date on my 14 Day Water Fast.



Today Is Day 9 Of A 14 Day Water Fast.

I am over the moon that I have lasted this long. Never thought I could keep this up for so long. Even with the boys having hot chips on the beach last night for dinner, I was strong.

How do I feel this morning? A bit better than the last few days. I was able to surf yesterday at the beach, and the day before I went for a big walk. Today I am concentrating on getting homework done. I have a huge project that I need to complete for my course so I am hoping to tackle this today.

What has happened within while on my fast?

I have had time. I never realised how much time is taken up with food. Getting it ready, dishing it up and then sitting down to eat. It is almost like a waste of time. Time that I can spend else where.

Day 9 and Still Going.

I have also reflected within. My mind has been able to focus on what is important to my life. I have had very quiet times, thinking and almost seem like I am dreaming. My thoughts have been very deep, to the put that I am more in tune with how I feel as a person. Could I do this fast again? To be honest I am not sure that I would want to. I think that the next time I will do Don Tolman juice fast. With Don Tolman juice recipe I would cope better (at least I think so).

My tongue still feels weird, not as weird as it was a few days ago. I still feel tired, but that is my body realising all the toxins that have built up over time. I am surprised, but I have not suffered one headache, nor a migraine the whole time I have been on the fast!! For me not to have a migraine is a miracle.

Do you want to know more about Don Tolman CABALA juice? I found a site that has some really good information on the subject so head on over to here.

Looking forward to hearing how others are going on a Water Fast. I have had a few contact me to let me know that they are also on a Water Fast. It’s good to know that others are looking after themselves.

Thanks for stopping on by.

Until next time, stay Healthy, Happy and Successful.

Lisa Wood.

There are many ways to give…

Giving can be done in so many ways, it amazes me to think how many different ways there are out there to giving…

  • Time – that is one major way to share, and give

  • Money – Probably the easier way to give is to give money, because once you hand the money over its done,

  • Love – giving with love is the most powerful – it is the strongest form of giving.

  • Sharing – sharing what you already have is also another great way to give.

  • Mind – sharing knowledge leads to many wonderful experiences and would have to be close to being as strong as love, maybe even stronger.

  • Arms – holding out your arms is a great way to give, a touch means so very much

  • Smiles – give one out and see how many you get back

  • Eyes – kind eyes are the window to your soul…..Give a glance with kind eyes and be rewarded for ever more

  • Laughter – a good laugh sure beats a good cry

  • Listening – take the time to really listen – with both ears

  • Understand – giving is so much better when you understand the other person completely

  • Turning up – saying that you will be there and keeping to your word.

  • Sending out thoughts – sending out kind thoughts to another person can be felt

How Many other ways do you give?

Looking back on today I gave – time, love, laughter, smiles, hugs, kisses BUT could have given so much more.

I will be making more of an effort to give from now on as it feels so VERY good inside to give


Lisa Wood.

Today Hubby And I Had Lunch Like The Rich And Famous

Seen as how it was Monday and all five Woody Boys are at school, David and I decided to have lunch. Not just a quick bite at a Take away, and off we go.

But real lunch – at a real nice cafe in Caloundra.

We actually sat at a Table, had our lunch served to us at the table. With real food – not the fast food yucky food that goes straight thru you because its loaded with too many preservatives. I opted for the vegetarian menu, and good old David went for the meat menu.

It was so very nice to sit and eat – without Kids interrupting us – without having to remind the boys on how to eat with table manners.

It was nice – but at the same time it was weird. Not sure how to explain the feeling. I enjoy having time out with my boys, and love to spend time eating out with them but today was different. It was relaxing, and the food was so very yummy. I had Vegetable Stack – a quiche with veges, and pumpkin salad. David had bushmans burger – which I must say was big enough for two. The burger even came with chips which David left because it was too much to eat.

It felt like we were having lunch like the rich and famous.

If that is how the rich have lunch every day – at a cafe near the beach, I can handle that 🙂

Maybe throw in a bit of shopping and I will be one happy girl. Speaking of shopping – I was in a shop while David was getting money out of the ATM. I was looking at some really gorgeous dresses when I over heard a lady talking to the shop owner. About how she was spending up big with her soon to be ex-husband credit card. She was going to spend as much money as she could before the divorce came through.  I was so shocked by her words, her actions and was thinking to myself “Why did he not cancel the credit cards”!!!! Wow was that women so very spoilt in her ways, and she is in for one shock when she no longer has hubby to turn to for spending money.

I am going to return to Caloundra again, and sure will be going back to that gorgeous cafe again. It felt so very good to be eating healthy and is a great way to start on my path to having a healthier lifestyle.

Love To Eat Like The Rich 🙂

How was your day?


Lisa Wood