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Find Out Where and How To Make It Happen Online!

Lately I have connected with some amazing like-minded people. People that I hope become life long friends. Parents that I would not know if it was not for the internet, and that would be a crime (not knowing them) because they have so much to offer to me and to others online and offline.

What gets my attention….Is that they are so very passionate and love what they are doing, but not always sure how to get the end results…..Have you ever felt like that?

I have felt like that in so many different ways over the last few years with “Trying to make it work online”, and so that is probably one of the reasons why I can (pick up and) understand what they are feeling and experiencing !!!

How To Be Successful?

There seems to be so many people here on the internet that beings successful almost seems like its impossible….How can we stand out from the crowd as being the “Expert” and one that others turn to because we are the one with the most knowledge willing to share? How can our website/blog/idea be noticed above the crowd of masses of people who flock to the internet day after day?

I am not sure I have all the answers to all the above questions…..but I have my ideas on how to market yourself to the audience of the world 🙂

Find Out How First

Find out what you want to stand out in…….then look for those around you to pick up the knowledge so that you will be successful. Find your one mentor who you know with 110% certainty that is walking the walking and talking the talk. I have been on the internet for many years, and I have walked away from websites that did not work (and cost us far too much money to have in the first place). Walked away from Programs that we brought, and tried but realised that they were not for us after all.

It is really not the “Car” (program) that is important, it’s the journey along the way that matters. With the end destination in sight at all times….That is the recipe for success. I follow Sean Rasmussen and have for some time….Not once have I found what he has to offer online lacking in any way. His knowledge about blogging, how to create a blog, how to rank on google (at the very top), how to connect on social media and so very much more……is above and beyond any other Blogger/Internet Marketer/affiliate Marketer out there!!!

If you want to be successful, and you believe in yourself Find Out How First. Then Believe. It is a matter of having the faith in yourself, then finding the knowledge to follow through. Ask. Believe. Dream. Receive.

You Are Worthy Of Success…..I believe every single person on this planet is worthy of being successful… what ever area that makes them feel like they achieved their dreams.

A book I higly recommend is “Wake Up And Dream” by Pat Mesiti.

“What You Think About Comes About” – So Find Out How First…..Think about success and viola you are successful.

Here’s To Your Dream, May You Dream Big 🙂

Lisa Wood from Woodys House


Follow Your Dreams, Listen To Your Heart

I have learnt that you really should follow your heart, and follow your dreams – NO MATTER WHAT is happening in life.

Recently (at the end of January 2010) we sold our house at D’aguilar QLD. I was all for it, and now I am wondering WHY?

When we sold I was keen to travel Australia with our five Woody Boys but hubby wanted to stay and rent a house for one more year and then travel. For whatever reasons (he had some really good ones at the time) I agreed and we followed a path of staying put and then traveling Australia next year.

Only today, this very morning it hit me that we are wasting too much time waiting for another six months before traveling. I was out and about when the feeling over came me – we all should Follow Your Own Heart and pursue goals. So upon returning to home I got on-line and checked out eBay.

The universe provided for us again. There is a bus/motorhome that is almost big enough for our family and I placed a bid. I have never felt so very nervous in all of my life. My hand was shaking, I was sweating all over and then I pressed “Bid”. I did it!!! I put a bid on a bus in NSW. I have my fingers crossed….then I had to tell Hubby what I had done 🙂

He was shocked to say the least, but after listening to my view points and understanding where I was coming from he knew what I had done was right for us. I know like I know like I know I am Following My Heart. I want to travel with my five Woody Boys…..I want to show them Australia before they spread their wings and they are gone. Time is far too short, and I am not going to waste another moment in life waiting for the perfect moment.

I am actually a “take action” kind of person. Hubby likes to sit, think, and then think some more before deciding what is the right way to go about doing things. NOT ME….I believe in things being done yesterday.

Which I suppose is a really good combination to have in a marriage – because I sometimes jump in with both feet, while he steps in and lets me know when to pull out at least one foot!!

Do You Follow Your Heart?

I am not sure if I will win this bid that I have placed on the motorhome – actually it does not concern me if for some reason I am not the winner. I now know what I want from life, and I know that if this bus is not for us – then another bus will be around the corner any time soon. I have “put it out” there that I want to travel, in a bus big enough for all of us – so that is what the universe will provide.

What is Your Dream?

Share your story here…..would love to know how many others are Following Their Own Hearts and chasing their goals/dreams.

Thanks for stopping on by here at Woodys House. Will keep you updated on how I go….maybe tonight I will be celebrating with drinks at our local Pub (mind you I am not a big drinker so it will be orange juice!!) or maybe David will be celebrating because we were out bid!!!!


Lisa Wood.

Today Is Day 9 Of A 14 Day Water Fast.

I am over the moon that I have lasted this long. Never thought I could keep this up for so long. Even with the boys having hot chips on the beach last night for dinner, I was strong.

How do I feel this morning? A bit better than the last few days. I was able to surf yesterday at the beach, and the day before I went for a big walk. Today I am concentrating on getting homework done. I have a huge project that I need to complete for my course so I am hoping to tackle this today.

What has happened within while on my fast?

I have had time. I never realised how much time is taken up with food. Getting it ready, dishing it up and then sitting down to eat. It is almost like a waste of time. Time that I can spend else where.

Day 9 and Still Going.

I have also reflected within. My mind has been able to focus on what is important to my life. I have had very quiet times, thinking and almost seem like I am dreaming. My thoughts have been very deep, to the put that I am more in tune with how I feel as a person. Could I do this fast again? To be honest I am not sure that I would want to. I think that the next time I will do Don Tolman juice fast. With Don Tolman juice recipe I would cope better (at least I think so).

My tongue still feels weird, not as weird as it was a few days ago. I still feel tired, but that is my body realising all the toxins that have built up over time. I am surprised, but I have not suffered one headache, nor a migraine the whole time I have been on the fast!! For me not to have a migraine is a miracle.

Do you want to know more about Don Tolman CABALA juice? I found a site that has some really good information on the subject so head on over to here.

Looking forward to hearing how others are going on a Water Fast. I have had a few contact me to let me know that they are also on a Water Fast. It’s good to know that others are looking after themselves.

Thanks for stopping on by.

Until next time, stay Healthy, Happy and Successful.

Lisa Wood.

How Has The Universe Provided For Us NOW?

Yesterday David was in Brisbane for a Wealth Creation Conference, which he has returned to today. I normally try to go with him, so that we are learning together but this time I had to stay home. Which is going to be fine because the company that is hosting the conference has a little bonus for all participates that attend the two days – they are going to be sending out a taped copy from the whole weekend 🙂

Last night David could not return home via a train until really late. He was waiting at Caboolture Station (actually he was across the road at C.J’s Pastry!) from 7.30pm and another train was not coming until 9.30pm. I was worried about the long wait so I decided to bundle two of our boys into the car and drive the 30 minutes to pick him up.

When I got to the cafe David was talking to two amazing people. He asked me if we had room for two more people in the car. Luckily I had decided to only bring two of our boys! So two new friends hoped into our car for a lift.

As we were driving we got to talking. Turns out the couple are from Blackwater and are down for the weekend. Interesting enough they both were miners. That got my interest. David actually knew the companies that they were talking about, and likewise they knew the mining town from where we used to live. Its a very interesting time for us at the moment because we are meeting so many different new friends who are playing a part in our life. So I was sitting in the car and wondering what the universe was providing for us this time 🙂

As we were driving the man – I will call him Bob as I want to respect his privacy – Bob noticed our oil gauge in the car was down far too low, actually it was at the lowest it can ever go. So David pulled over and checked the oil stick. It had some oil on the stick but not enough to get us home. Luckily for us the petrol station was less than 5 minutes away. As soon as we got there David jumped out and purchased oil. It was really good because we had wanted to put the car into service for sometime but were not sure where to take it. I asked Bob if he knew anyone in the area to take the car to. He was happy to inform that Beerwah has a guy that he knows and recommends to friends/family. Fantastic – our car can now be booked in and we can feel easy that they will do the job we are wanting 🙂

We soon arrived at the Sports ground and exchanged numbers. They wanted to return the favour of dropping them off by taking David into Brisbane tomorrow. Bob and his mate were going to a fishing show so David gratefully accepted a lift into Brisbane. That was so much easier for us, because I did not have to drive him into Caboolture to catch a train. Was that why wewere destined to meet these true Australians? Were they introduced to us that we could see how Australians like to return good will? I think we were meant to meet them both for very good reasons. Reasons that will be shown to us over time.

So What Does Meeting Two New People Mean To You?

It means a lot to us. It shows us that there are people out there with the same values as us, and that we are all here in this world for a reason 🙂

Here’s To Your New Friendships Created Every Day.


Lisa Wood.

Life Sometimes Surprises Me!!

Sometimes in Life I get so very surprised. A nice Surprise. Not sure how it works…Does it happen because there was a reason for the surprise? Or because a person has been good? Or nice? OR does the Surprise just happen because it just does?

I often question myself throughout the day. “Am I doing all that I can?” or “Am I living my life the way I am meant to live it?”. DO you do the same?

Today was a nice surprise. My wonderful caring husband made me a coffee and brought it to me in bed. And also made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. Then cleaned the kitchen, folded the washing and took two of our boys shopping with him.

Was It A Surprise For A Reason?

Or just because I needed so much needed time to myself? I like to think of it being a very nice surprise. Life keeps giving us both some really nice surprises lately. Here are some of our wonderful surprises of late.

  1. A fellow blogger recently left a comment on one of my blogs…what a blast.

  2. On Friday I made sales online….making more money than I spent at the shops on Friday.  What a Buzz.

  3. David won money at a conference he attended yesterday.

  4. My oldest came home this afternoon from staying at a friends house and he was in a very good mood. He even cleaned the whole kitchen for us after dinner tonight….Love you babe.

  5. David made me coffee in be this morning. And took two of our boys shopping so I could have a day of R & R.  Love you heaps

  6. I am feeling like I am on top of the moon tonight…and its a good feeling.

  7. Felt like the phone was going to ring today and I knew before I picked up the phone who it was going to be. I was correct, and no we don’t have a caller I.D.  It was just my inner voice talking and I listened.

  8. Last but not least…. The best Surprise left till the last. I was on facebook when I came across this amazing surprise…You can be in the chance to win a Briefcase full of goodies worth $2000.00. Inside the Briefcase is important surprises… it is filled with a fantastic Secret Science of Getting Rich audio and visual materials and an MP3 Player loaded with audio from Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.  Sounds Interesting? For your chance to win the surprise go to  I will sure be checking it out…That is one Briefcase I would so LOVE to win!!  🙂

Life is Full Of Surprises.

I did not even have to cook dinner. How much more can one Girl take? HEAPS!! Bring it…I So Love Surprises.

There is only one more Surprise I would really like…..That’s the Selling of our House.

Selling our house will be the icing on the cake. We can then move forward….closer to the beach. Closer to living the life of our dreams.

Bring On That Surprise….Bring IT ON!!!

Love the Law of Attraction. Love how it works, and how it keeps on working.

Looking forward to having a week for of surprises. What would be your best surprise? Come on….would love to hear from you.  I know from the Data that I have vistors…so don’t be so shy….let me know your thoughts.

Love Surprises.

Loving Life To The Fullest.