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If you were given a crystal ball and it revealed your life’s history, your present day, and your new direction in life with The End Result given to you….would that a make a huge difference in your life or would you dismiss it as being a hoax?

The End Result Is Within

In life there is always a mystery path to take, with an outcome that is sometimes surprising and other times a clear-cut end result. If you have ever been given a new challenge in life, with questions that need to be answered then you will understand what I am saying and where this is going.

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Life is meant to be full of good times, and some not so good times. It does not matter what life throws at you, its how you handle yourself that is important. Either stand tall and proud and be quiet, or crumble into a heap…you have a choice which person you want to be.

So why be tall, proud and be quiet. It’s really simple – if you stand tall and you are proud it will show in all aspects of your life. Being quiet – that is the part where you will find your answer giving you the end result. Look within, listen to your inner voice and you will find the true you.

If you are going to crumble into a heap then do so – but do so when no one is watching. Why you might ask? Because in real life people make really quick decisions about your personality, and unfortunately once they have made up there mind about who you are (the real you) then its really hard to change that image.

So What Does This All Mean?

I have met some amazing people in the last two years, women and men that have influenced my life in one way or the other. Sometimes I have really connected with them – other times I have chosen to avoid those people. I need to surround myself with people who will assist my life journey with a positive outcome. This past week I have seen two amazing ladies being questioned about their life’s purpose, their website name and even the direction that they are taking with the internet. I am proud to say that they have stood tall, stood proud and are questioning within.

With the way the are handling their current situation, and their outlook on what new direction their life is taking – I know they will succeed. Why you might ask? Well because on the outside of ones personality you can tell how the inside of their personality is behaving.  They might be having a melt down – especially with all that is being thrown their way – but those moments are private moments. Which goes to show you how strong they really are.

The End Result

There are no easy answers in life. It’s what you do with the situation that makes you the person you are. Are you going to stand tall, be proud and be quiet so that your new direction will be shown to you…almost like a crystal ball giving you the answers?  I send my thoughts out to these two amazing ladies, and wait with excitement to see their outcome of the end results that they discover.

How you thought about how your image in life reveals the “real” you? Are you going to handle life challenges by being Proud, Tall, Strong. with faith that all will be ok?

Life is a mystery, with no crystal balls on offer. BUT you create your life, so which direction are you taking next? Are you heading down a path that you are meant to be taking…or are you going against the tide with the end results not what you expected?

Here’s to you standing tall and proud


Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.


How do you feel when you are about to write your First Blog? If you are new to the blogging world, welcome. If you are an old hag at blogging then still welcome. (or should I say addicted to blogs like I am!)

How Do You Go About Writing A Blog?

The very first blog I ever wrote was a mess, that is putting it in a polite term. What I should be saying is that it was so very BAD! I had no idea what I was doing, nor where to go to start. I was so scarred to hit that Publish Button 🙂

After finding many different blogs here on the internet, and looking at many different formats I am proud to say that my blogs are a big improvement from where they started out. There is still lots more room for improvement and I am still looking around the internet at different subjects and different themes to get an idea on how to go about Creating Abundance as a place that I can say proudly belongs to my name.

Here are a few important keys to remember when you first start out

  • Blogging is part of you. So if you stay true to yourself it will show in your words.
  • Choose a keyword that will rank with google by going to Google AdWords Keywords tool. It is very easy to use and gives you lots of ideas about what you can write about.
  • Choose a topic that you know at least a little bit of information about, and try to stay on topic… I said I still can improve in some areas!!
  • Search for other websites that are online so that you can see what you like about their site, and what you don’t think will work with your theme. I am not saying copy their site (especially word for word) but pick up ideas from many different places and add your spice to the end design.
  • Connect with many other like-minded internet friends…..especially on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Digg and LinkedIn. There are many other different social media sites out there so if you are keen feel free to check them out and share  your favorite ones below here.
  • Promote yourself without flaunting yourself. If you promote yourself in a friendly manner than many others will stop back again and again to see what you are doing.
  • If you can at least once a day promote another person that you follow, that way you are sharing the love and the love will return.
  • Give as many free tips/hints/products as possible. Why? So that the internet world can see you are a person with integrity.
  • Ask for advice from the experts. If you follow a successful internet marketer then connect with that person by asking as many questions as possible on their posts – with a link back to your site. You will soon see the traffic increasing….

To Be Continued.

I have so many other different key points about how to Blog that I have decided that this is Part One of “First Blog“. Pop back soon and I will have Part 2 for you here on Creating Abundance.

What I am asking of you….please leave your name/email(which will never ever be shared)/comment and a brief question that you would like answered in regards to finding out more information on how to blog. Its simple, the more questions you ask, the more free information I will give away 🙂

Gotta love that – sharing the love all round.

Lisa from Creating Abundance.

PS- Have you checked out my “Year of the Affiliate” page on Creating Abundance?

How Do You Go About Creating Abundance in your life?

Over the years David and I have been to many different boot camps, conferences and wealth Seminars…..maybe you already know that because I have spoken about this before!!! With the amount of time, and money we have spent over the last five years we should have written our own book about Creating Abundance. Hey maybe that is another project I should look into…or maybe not 🙂

So How Does One Go About Creating Abundance Around You?

If you are like me – with a background of “You have to work hard to make money” – gosh I still can remember my parents saying that to me while in highschool ! Then you will also wonder “HOW“? How will I be able to Attract Wealth, and keep the wealth so that I am creating Abundance for myself and my family. It’s not an easy question to get around, and I am not an expert on the subject by any means….but I have been around the experts and having been listening to many different successful people along the way.

What I have found with Attracting Wealth into your life and Creating Abundance boils down to one thing – The Mindset. I still do not care what game you are in….what Internet Marketing Program you are in, what Day Trading Options you are in….if you do not have the right Mindset you will have the same results as you had this time last year.

Sayings That Keep You Focused

One of my favorite sayings at the moment is “What You Think About Comes About“. Have a minute to read that statement again….”What You Think About Comes About“. Lets break that statement down……If you are thinking Lack – Yes you guessed it you will get lack. If you are thinking “Why should I succeed, I am not anything special”…..then the Universe will answer your thoughts and you will be ordinary.

Have An Abundance Saying

Lets turn that around for one minute…..Say out loud with me “I Am Special In Every Way, In Every Thing I Do. I Will Achieve All My Dreams And I Will Succeed“. Say it morning and night. Say it when you have your doubt moments. Say it when you are happy. Say it out loud as many times as it takes for the Universe to hear you. SHOUT it out if you think it will help. Say it while driving your car…..who cares what the person next to you thinks you are doing, hey maybe they need to hear it 🙂

IF you believe in yourself, and you have a passion with a dream to keep you going then you will Attract Wealth. It’s the way the world works. What is different between you and the successful Millionairs….NOTHING – oh ok beside the amount of money they have!!! But really the only difference is the way the mind works. The Mindset will either break you or make you. So do you want to know how to start Creating Abundance? Do you want to Attract Wealth into your life? Fantastic….you have come to the right place (or blog if you want to get technical).

Creating An Abundance Lifestyle

I want you to succeed. I want to see you reach your goals. If you I had a magic wand and could grant you three wishes – What Would Those Three Wishes Be? Remember the quote ‘What You Think About Comes About” So before you answer that question below here in the comments think about two aspects for first….How Do You Want To Create Abundance and Attract Wealth into your world? For more information on how you can succeed you can also go here.

Let me know your answer so I can take you onto the next journey…..exploring the Mindset in more details.

Here’s to your Wishes coming true with Creating Abundance into your life and Attracting Wealth Today – instead of maybe one day 🙂

Lisa Wood.

Here Is About A Book I have being reading called “Wake Up And Dream” by Pat Mesiti. If you are a regluar to here then you would have seen a few blog post about my favorite book. Being a book-worm means that I am reading at least two books at the one time….and not normally finishing the books before picking up another one to read.  This Time Was Different.

Wake Up And Dream By Pat Mesiti….

Is one book that is now my very best friend, and one that I was not able to put down until I read the WHOLE book – actually I am going to go back and start again, this time with a hi-lighter!!

Here is a twist to my blog…..I have decided to place a live video here on Woodys House from Youtube… this being my very first time that I am going live with a video, please be kind with your comments (or Maybe be honnest in a kind way !!) 🙂

Chapter Two Of Wake Up and Dream

In Chapter Two Pat Mesiti says “Dreams Change Lives. You’ve read this far yet you might still be thinking: What will a dream do for me? How can it change me?”

Then he goes onto say……. “In a nutshell: dreams will make you. They will create your character, your attitudes. Build you up. Make you a better you – unless you like the you that you are and don’t want a New Improved Version!”……

There is more written in the book, which I highly recommend you get a copy of – Maybe try ebay or a second hand book store!!! Then there is the summary of Chapter 2 which is what I read out loud.

This book has opened up my world…..I am meeting many like-minded people who I would never have been game enough to meet before – believe it all not, I actually am a very shy private person and stepping out of my comfort zone is thanks to this book. Image if I had never read the book, never pushed myself? Imagine not finding my true passion in life and chasing my dream? That is what is happening to too many Men and Women in this very world we live in. We are getting caught up in life and not dreaming.

So I challenge you  –  Step up to your life. Dream your Dream Life. Right down your plan/your goals – tell all those around you what you want. Say it loud, Say it enough, Repeat it to yourself. Watch how the universe will provide for you. Believe in yourself……I have tested out the Universe lately and every single goal I have wanted has come true – the Universe answered my wishes.

You Are So Worthy of so much more from life. Grab your chances with both hands, take on board what you believe and ask for your Dreams to come true.

I will go onto Chapter three shortly, but before I do…..I ask of you – What Are Your Dreams?

Thank You so very much for staying around Woodys House to read my blogs, and share my dreams.

Here’s To Your Dream

Lisa Wood from Woodys House.

When You Run A Business Image Counts

I have posted about this business before on here.…but felt another post was needed to re-enforce my belief on how important your image is when you are presenting yourself as a “Business”. If you are on-line then it is doubly important to be up to date with your image because you want to stand out in the crowd.

As I drove home from Landsborough Park today I noticed the Landscaping Place had another sign at the front that caught my eye…

Landscape Business

I actually drove around the block three times to find a spot on the side of the road to pull over to take the picture….I felt the message was not important as what the message does…It attracts customers.

So how can the message not be important? It’s not actually the saying that is the most important aspect, as having a saying to capture people’s eyes that is vital.

Image Is Everything

If you have a business than Image Is Everything. It will either make you or break you….Have you thought about your image behind your business? Have you got a “Catch Line” that stands out from others that are in the same businesses as you? If you have your business online you are competing with thousands and thousands on here…Do you realise that if you are not on the first page of google then you might as well not be online at all.

It’s the same for Businesses in the local community. If they are not the number one business in the area then they are wasting their time.  I have actually gone into the Beerwah Landscape business “Moroney’s Landscape Supplies” before, and spoken to the lady behind the counter. She was explaining how the sign came about…It started with one saying that she found on the internet, and that one saying had so many different new business for their company that she had started a trend. The next saying that she put up attracted more new customers, and then again the next sign… just kept on growing. From one little idea for her family business, to now having to look for new sayings on a regular basis to place on the board – that one idea attracts so many regular customers, attracts so many new customers and keeps their business booming.

So Is Image Everything? You bet it is – it will either make or break your business…Have you thought about how you market yourself to stand above the crowd? Have you thought about your taglines, keywords, SEO to help your online business reach number one?

If have an Image for your website/blog share it here with a link so I can connect with you and share around your ideas 🙂

Image Is Everything in todays marketing world. I hope this blog gives you food for thought, and helps you to market yourself effectively, because lets face it – you are worth being successful online/offline and wasting time/effort in a business that is not working is so not what life is all about !

Here’s to Your Image 🙂

Cheers                                       Landscape Business

“Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words.”

Lisa Wood.