Creating Abundance Forever Part 2

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Creating Abundance
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Creating Abundance Forever Part 2 is revealed here at Creating abundance. In part 1 I talked about what you are thinking about in your life with your thoughts are really important because they do create your life and your lifestyle.

Creating Abundance Forever Part 2

How is it really possible in life that the direction you are taking is responsible for the life you are living? It is really very simple…..”What you focus on expands”. So focus on a negative attitude and a negative outlook in life and that is what the universe will provide. Focus on the most amazing life and lifestyle and that is  what the universe will provide for you. It’s that simple.

Think Before You Think.

You read right – think before you think. If you do have a negative thought in your head – stop right now. Cross it out with a big X and replace it with a more powerful positive thought that you can think and say out loud. If you have one negative thought – think two positive thoughts to out ride your inner life. If you are after Creating Abundance Forever you need to change what you are thinking about. Think Before You Think, think before you speak.

Creating Abundance Exercise

Try this little exercise for one week and see the results you will have……Stop your thinking. Think a positive thought and speak it out loud. If you have a negative thought in your head – stamp it with a huge X and replace it with two positive thoughts and say those positive thoughts out loud. Try and you will soon see your life becoming abundant in many new areas, and in areas that are important. Get it a go – what have you got to lose? Nothing but have so much to gain.

I tried the above exercise and have seen some amazing results. I am now going to apply this simple exercise to another aspect of my life and see what results will happen in one week. It’s a matter of attitude. Get your attitude right, and watch it flow through your life.

Creating Abundance Mindset Forever

SO if you are after changes in your life. Be it with your family, your job, your friendships, your success, your wealth, your happiness….. whatever you want changed for the better than start to close off your negative attitude and embrace your positive attitude. It’s a new way of thinking that will assist your new way of life. It is almost like you are re-programming your hard wire. You could almost say that you are giving your mindset a tune-up or a clean out. If you have a car, you know how important it is to replace the oil and top it up with water. So why don’t you realise how important your life is to have your oil replaced with first class (A grade Oil) positive thoughts?

Give your mind quality water, first class thoughts and sit back for the ride of your life. Are you ready to Create Abundance Forever in every area of your life?

Let me know how you go with the simple exercise of replacing a negative thought – remember to cross it out with a huge X and replace it with two new positive thoughts and see how one week your life will change.

Till next time – Creating Abundance Forever wishes you the most outstanding week ever possible.

Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.

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