Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Creating Abundance
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Can “The Secret” really be true? Can you look within your self and at your lifestyle to change what is going on around you? Is it really possible to have your dream lifestyle with Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money?

How Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money Works

Creating Abundance is all around us. Its how we think, how we feel and how we act. If you look at what you are thinking and what you are saying you will soon see how your life is created from what you are focusing on. So why not change your thoughts and the way you are thinking so that you are manifesting Money every day. Instead of focusing on a lack of wealth, focus on Creating Abundance.

Here are 5 hints and tips that I apply every day to help with changing my mindset, changing my life and changing my world

  1. Every morning awake with saying Thank You to all that I have and all that I am willing to accept.
  2. Visualize a lifestyle of my dreams. I have a vision Picture (its a picture frame with all my lifestyle pictures)  near my bed and upon waking I glance at my vision board – again saying thank you. Each night I go to bed and glance at my vision board….and you got it – I say Thank You for the most amazing day.
  3. I Write into my Abundance Diary all that I want in my life. With that I am talking about writing down how my life is as if I have achieved all of my dreams – writing in as if I am successful.
  4. Listen to my meditation CD every night before I am asleep. I use the above “Manifest Money” CD every single time I looking for  Law of Attraction to assist my life. Does it work? Will I guess it does because every day my life moves one step closer to my goals and my dreams.
  5. Use power thoughts to have a Positive Mindset. If I focus on creating abundance and manifesting money then the mindset takes over and the Universe provides.

Are You Really Serious About Manifesting Money?

If you are serious about changing what you focus on, want your dream lifestyle – be it working from home, having more time, relaxing more on the beach, spending more quality time with family….whatever you want in life is within you. It’s within your sight. All you have to do is have an open mind. What you focus on expands. So if you want a lack of lifestyle then think lack. If you want your dream lifestyle then focus on Manifesting Money.

Use the above picture, click on the image and change your life. If you are after more after of life, and want to see changes then you have two choices. Either ignore this post and the message within about Creating Abundance And Manifesting Money….or you can decide to work smarter with your life and have your CD ready to play tonight…..It really is that simple.

What You Focus On Expands – Focus On Creating Abundance And  Manifest Money – Are your Ready To Explode Your World?

Lisa Wood.

Creating Abundance.

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