The End Result

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Business Image, Creating Abundance
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If you were given a crystal ball and it revealed your life’s history, your present day, and your new direction in life with The End Result given to you….would that a make a huge difference in your life or would you dismiss it as being a hoax?

The End Result Is Within

In life there is always a mystery path to take, with an outcome that is sometimes surprising and other times a clear-cut end result. If you have ever been given a new challenge in life, with questions that need to be answered then you will understand what I am saying and where this is going.

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Life is meant to be full of good times, and some not so good times. It does not matter what life throws at you, its how you handle yourself that is important. Either stand tall and proud and be quiet, or crumble into a heap…you have a choice which person you want to be.

So why be tall, proud and be quiet. It’s really simple – if you stand tall and you are proud it will show in all aspects of your life. Being quiet – that is the part where you will find your answer giving you the end result. Look within, listen to your inner voice and you will find the true you.

If you are going to crumble into a heap then do so – but do so when no one is watching. Why you might ask? Because in real life people make really quick decisions about your personality, and unfortunately once they have made up there mind about who you are (the real you) then its really hard to change that image.

So What Does This All Mean?

I have met some amazing people in the last two years, women and men that have influenced my life in one way or the other. Sometimes I have really connected with them – other times I have chosen to avoid those people. I need to surround myself with people who will assist my life journey with a positive outcome. This past week I have seen two amazing ladies being questioned about their life’s purpose, their website name and even the direction that they are taking with the internet. I am proud to say that they have stood tall, stood proud and are questioning within.

With the way the are handling their current situation, and their outlook on what new direction their life is taking – I know they will succeed. Why you might ask? Well because on the outside of ones personality you can tell how the inside of their personality is behaving.  They might be having a melt down – especially with all that is being thrown their way – but those moments are private moments. Which goes to show you how strong they really are.

The End Result

There are no easy answers in life. It’s what you do with the situation that makes you the person you are. Are you going to stand tall, be proud and be quiet so that your new direction will be shown to you…almost like a crystal ball giving you the answers?  I send my thoughts out to these two amazing ladies, and wait with excitement to see their outcome of the end results that they discover.

How you thought about how your image in life reveals the “real” you? Are you going to handle life challenges by being Proud, Tall, Strong. with faith that all will be ok?

Life is a mystery, with no crystal balls on offer. BUT you create your life, so which direction are you taking next? Are you heading down a path that you are meant to be taking…or are you going against the tide with the end results not what you expected?

Here’s to you standing tall and proud


Lisa Wood

Creating Abundance.


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