Change Your Life

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Creating Abundance, Sean Rasmussen

Have you ever wonder what your life is all about? Which direction you are going in and why? Sometimes life works out really well…..other times do you think gosh I so need to Change my life? Be it in a small shift, orΒ  a huge shift in thinking. Sometimes I wonder what it takes to be successful, and then other times I know I am successful.

How You Can Change Your Life

It’s not easy to look at your life and decide how you can change your life. People often comment on the Law of Attraction and the Secret works. Yet they never explain how they apply the Secret and the Law of Attraction into their life to Create Abundance. It’s really simple to apply once you know how. It’s just finding out what will work best in your life to make the changes.

If you need to start out small with little ideas then do so. I know for our family that changes sometimes happen quickly, and then other times it seems to take for ever for a change to occur. Take yesterday for an example….

Change Your Location

I am naturally a very shy person and it takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone. So I have been stepping up and pushing myself a little bit more each day to get out and do something I would never normally do!! Here is how my Friday went…..

  1. Drop of two of our boys to primary school
  2. Head up to the Sunshine Coast to attend a master mind group with the lovely Sue Murphy and Toni-Louise Forsyth from Working Women Online
  3. Drop into a hair dresser and have my hair coloured and styled
  4. Race home and pick up our younger boys from primary school
  5. David races off to pick up our second oldest boy from High School
  6. Pick up DVD and Dinner for our boys
  7. Race home, bath the boys, set up DVD/Drinks/Dinner
  8. Get dressed and head out the door
  9. Drive into Brisbane and meet the amazing Sean Rasmussen
  10. Listen to Sean Rasmussen – waiting with nervous out of control for Sean to call me up on stage
  11. Get up to the stage and say my testimonial……I have no idea what I said but I am sure its nothing like I practiced!!! So nervous my list of what to say has gone out of my head πŸ™‚
  12. Seat back down and laugh – it was such a buzz to be up there and such a relief that it was all over….talk about Change Your Life – I sure did.
  13. Head to the back of the room and meet some amazing people who have questions and listen to their story. That would have to be the hi-light of my life….speaking about my passion with other people, without the microphone!!

Change Your Life

If you had of told me last year that I would be up on stage to share my story I so would have laughed at you. BUT if you want to change your life, as much as I have wanted to change mine in the last three years than anything is possible. I survived standing on stage with over 600 people…..wonder what I can do next !!!

So I urge you……get out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you could. Be it a small baby step, or be it something really huge….take each day of your life as if it was a new beginning and reach high. If I can do it – imagine what you could do to change your life?

Here at Creating Abundance I wish you every success.


Lisa Wood.

  1. bendedspoon says:

    what a great exchange
    for acting that change

  2. SheACoffeeaddict says:

    When I was dealing with depression and an eating disorder, the only way I recovered was by getting out of my comfort zone and talking to people about it. I totally agree with this!

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Good idea SheACoffeeaddict – great that you could talk about it, I am sure you were able to help others with the same conditions πŸ™‚


  3. […] Be so very grateful every single day. Get out of bed, touch your feet to the floor and say thank you to five things in your life that you have. The more you look every single day for five things to be grateful for the more wonderful amazing people and experiences will come your way. Change your thinking, you will change your life. […]

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