Gratitude Journal Diary

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Creating Abundance
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Here at Creating Abundance I am writing about all that I am grateful for, all that I have and all that I will have. I started a gratitude Journal Diary with saying Thank you to successful people, with three post so far.

Gratitude Journal Diary Entry

I am so very grateful to know Sean Rasmussen, Janet Beckers and Dale Beaumont. I have met all three, spoken face to face with two and listen to all three speak up on the stage. I have even spoken with Janet Beckers on the phone!! Gosh that sure made my day.

This time I would love to dedicate this Creating Abundance Gratitude Journal Diary to my family 🙂

In my eyes they are successful and for all their amazing support, love, and time I thank them. Lately I have discovered what is important in life. It’s not the material things that matter the most….its the love between the family that is what life is all about. So my family are successful in my eyes.

On Facebook one of my friends shared a video that sums it up nicely, so I thought I would share it here within my Gratitude Journal to remind all of us what life is really all about!

Grateful For My Boys and My Husband

I could write and write and write all about why I am grateful to my family. Actually that would soon become a book for sure. So to make it short n sweet here are a few of my favorite things about my family..

  1. All five boys are amazing different, with so many unique qualities that each and every one of you I treasure.
  2. When I am tired from a days work, you all pitch in and help to clean up the house!!
  3. I get a coffee in bed before I even get out of bed each morning when I am not working – thank you hubby!!
  4. When I return home from work dinner is made, the laundry is done and the kitchen is clean. Nothing can beat a clean kitchen…except maybe a clean bathroom!!
  5. My heart goes all funny when I wake up and I get cuddles in bed from the younger boys, and hugs from the older ones when I get out of bed. If I leave early for work and no one is awake, I sure miss those hugs!
  6. My day is brighter when I am able to return home and see all your gorgeous smiles.
  7. I get to spend as much quality time one on one with all five boys, for that I am very grateful
  8. Hubby and I spend at least one day a week having lunch together without the boys so that we are also having quality time – so very happy when we do!
  9. My days are spent thinking of ways I can spend more time with my family, more quality time
  10. I love my family… make me try to be a better person in everyone way possible, Thank you Woody Boys and David!

Have you told someone close to you how much you love them? Being grateful for all that you have, and all that you will have helps to Create Abundance in your life….So what are you Grateful for?

Lisa Wood


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