Gratitude Journey Dedicated To?

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Creating Abundance
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Are you grateful for all those you have met, know or have heard about? Here at Creating Abundance I will be saying a huge “Thank you” via a Gratitude Journey, dedicating a journal to those that I am grateful to know.

Gratitude Journey Is Grateful

On the first Gratitude Journal post I was sending a huge “Thanks” to Sean Rasmussen…..he sure is one down to earth successful online internet Marketer that shares all he knows about Affiliate Marketing and then some 🙂

Drum Roll Please

For another huge “Thanks” this post on Creating Abundance is Dedicated to…..

Janet Beckers.

Are you one of the lucky ones to have met Janet Beckers from Wonderful Web Women? Or at least heard about Janet Beckers? I sure hope so, if not make it one of your goals for this year!

So very grateful to know Janet Beckers, heard her speak at conferences and then had the pleasure of speaking with Janet on the phone. The way Janet thinks and runs her business is little short of amazing.

Actually its more than amazing, its brilliant. Janet Beckers shares her story of how she went to wealth creation conferences after conferences, and was not succeeding. Then an idea came to Janet, such a simple idea but at the same time an idea that made sense.

Simple Idea Creates Millions

Janet’s idea, and her inspiration came from such a novel idea…From the toilet line ups at each conferences!!…..She soon realised that women chatted about the conferences while waiting to go to the toilet, giving Janet an answer on what website to create – the number one popular website among women. Wonderful Web Women was born.

Within a very short time frame Janet replaced her yearly income, and since then has never looked back. Today Janet Beckers experiences life with her husband Doug and her two gorgeous children the way we always dreamed life should be lived…..with quality time, quality holidays and able to work her own hours from her home.

Wondering why I am doing a Gratitude Journal Online?

After listening to a mindset CD series in the car to and from work I decided to spend time here in Creating Abundance dedicating my thanks to those that I admire. The Wealth Mindset (CD) says to be grateful for those around you that are successful. Once you accept that you can be wealthy, and to have a Gratitude Mindset your life will change.

Are you ready for a different Mindset? Who are you grateful to know, to meet or to hear about in your life?

Be sure to say Thanks to someone in your life at least once a day and soon you will see your life change for the better. Are you ready to change your life? Then welcome to the Creating Abundance Club 🙂


Lisa Wood.

PS:- Please add your comments on why you are grateful for knowing Janet Beckers below….be grateful for your feedback 🙂

  1. […] am so very grateful to know Sean Rasmussen, Janet Beckers and Dale Beaumont. I have met all three, spoken face to face with two and listen to all three speak […]

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