Gratitude Journal Entry

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Creating Abundance
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Today starts the day for a new Gratitude Journal entry here on Creating Abundance. This is a first of many to follow, where I am sharing with you who I am grateful to know.

Gratitude New Journal Entry

Here marks the history of success for Creating Abundance. Please know that I took all day to decide who to say “Thanks” to in this very first post…..its not all about who I think is the most successful person, nor who I hold above the rest. It’s all about trying to be grateful to all those that I have met, heard of on the internet, seen speak and even spoken to a few times at different conferences.

Drum Roll Please

Drum Roll

Shouting it out loud, that I am grateful to announce Creating Abundance first Gratitude Journal Entry goes to……..

Sean Rasmussen. Aussie Internet Marketer, Father of two boys and married to one amazing lady by the name of Cherie. Please accept my deepest thank you for all that I have learnt from you, and all that I will be learning from you.

Here are ten reasons while Sean Rasmussen has touched my life in many ways

  1. He is proud of his achievements
  2. With his blog Sean Rasmussen – Aussie Internet Marketer, and Aussie Internet Marketing Blog he  shares all of his knowledge, giving away so much information for free
  3. In his YOTA forum Sean and his team stand by their motto “To share as much information as possible and to answer questions within a short time frame”
  4. Meeting Sean, you will see how tall he stands – and I am not talking about his height but more about his attitude to life
  5. Sean believes in a positive mindset, so instead of thinking negative words or having a negative mindset he will turn words around to become positive eg:- replacing frustrating with fascinating
  6. If there is any questions that Sean and his team are not sure about then they are honest enough with their answer – and seek the answer asap
  7. He stands by his Aussie integrity and is a true bloke  
  8. With his step by step guide you will soon see the same results Sean achieved because there is no fluff to his down to earth products
  9. There is a calmness about Sean, a real easy bloke who knows how to stay focused at work but also has a side that knows how to enjoy life
  10. Lastly but not least, Sean is a family man – who knew that to save his marriage he had to find a way out of his J.O.B (which was in the mines) and into a healthy lifestyle that allowed him to spend quality time with his wife and two boys – while still earning a decent income.

 If you are yet to meet Sean Rasmussen, then you are in for a real treat. For all those that know of Sean, who have met him – please add your “Thank You” at the end of this Creating Abundance post so that the Gratitude Affect is spread far and wide.

Here is one of my favorite YouTube clips from Sean….

There are many more from Sean Rasmussen, and from his trips abroad….I could actually add many more videos here on Creating Abundance dedicated to Sean!!!

So thanks sent your way as a huge Gratitude Journal Entry. I am grateful for all his teaching. What are you grateful for from life?

Looking forward to deciding on who I can add next here on Creating Abundance for another Gratitude Journal Entry….I wonder; will it be another hard decision on who to write about?   I have so many wonderful people who I want to send a huge Thank You to!!

Lisa Wood

PS:- Stay tuned for the next Gratitude Journal Entry here on Creating Abundance 🙂

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