To experience the most out of life I have discovered a new way of thinking – a positive mindset to assist with Creating Abundance in all aspect of life, from the way I think to the way I feel.

How A New Gratitude Journal Starts

I have been listening to a CD in the car driving to work, and coming home from work. Its called “Think Rich To Get Rich – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. The pack is 3 1/2 hours in total (3 CD’s)…teaching how your childhood influences have shaped everyone’s financial destiny. It actually shows you how your influences as a child influences how we behave as an adult with money.  As I have listened each day I am a surprised with how spot on T.Harv Eker is with his money and success blueprint !

New Gratitude Journal

One of the homework task in the CD reveals how to be successful, you need to surround yourself with rich people in every aspect of our day-to-day life. From having coffee in the most expensive hotel/resort to even living in the most expensive area. It’s all about being comfortable with the rich and famous (gotta love that).

Another part of his task (assignments) is to have a Gratitude outlook on life. If you know someone in your life then show that person how grateful you are for knowing them by sending them an email, phone call or letter.

New Gratitude Journal

I decided instead of ringing, texting, email or sending a message via Facebook I would create a Gratitude Journal where for about a month I will post on Creating Abundance a New Gratitude Journal Blog post on a successful person that I have come in contact with. At first I was hard up thinking of at least 10 names, beside thinking far ahead to at least 30 days !! Then while working out at the gym this morning more and more names kept popping into my head.

I am also asking for you to contact me via here, or on Facebook. If you are successful in your field of whatever you are in – from internet marketing, to  trading the share market, to real estate, copy writing to eBay and more….if you are successful and think that I should be grateful to know you then SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!! Come on – if you are not going to promote yourself, then who is.

So Stay Tuned

Tomorrow will be my first post here on Creating Abundance for my New Gratitude Journal…wonder who will be the lucky first, and then the lucky second and so on…

Here’s to all you successful People – I am so grateful to know you – to getting to know you, and to one day meeting you 🙂

Thanks for your time – I love connecting with so many like-minded wealthy people.

Lisa Wood

PS:- Are you going to make sure your name is on my list for this New Gratitude Journal?

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