The Millionaire Mindset

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Creating Abundance, Law Of Attraction
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Do you need help with The Millionaire Mindset to take your business to the next level? Are you stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out of the deep hole you have dug?

The Millionaire Mindset Expert

Yesterday David and I went into Brisbane to hear Pat Mesiti from the Millionaire Mindset Club speak. It started at 6.30pm but due to traffic delays we missed about 15 minutes of the start…..hoping Pat Mesiti comes back sometime soon so that we can register again and get to hear the beginning!!

So glad we attended his 2 hour Motivational speech. He is one man who is full of fire, passion and belief. If you are not sure who Pat Mesiti is then please head over to Millionaire Mindset Club.

Here is a quick run down of what we learnt in under two hours 🙂

  • Stay Focused. If you have an end goal that you are after then be very clear and Stay focused.
  • Pay attention, if you have a life coach then listen to what they are saying!
  • Until you confront your ways you will not change
  • You can’t be happy and be sad at the same time
  • Is your lid set and holding you back?
  • Shift this (mindset), tap into this (your heart passion), change this (money coming in)
  • Love your neighbour like you love yourself – remember the last part…Yourself
  • Aim at one goal
  • What you focus on will progress
  • Be very clear with your goal
  • Focus on what is right in your life/business and that is where your business/life will go
  • Focus on what you want/not what you don’t have.

Need help with The Millionaire Mindset? 

To receive a free Disk from Pat Mesiti “Live at the Millionaires Club” and his free newsletter be sure to see The Millionaire Mindset expert website. 

How Can You Stay Focused?

Staying focused takes discpline and a mindset that is healthy. Have you ever noticed how the wealthy think differently to everyday people? We learnt last night that to be successful you have to think a certain way. If you are complaining or focusing on a lack in life then you will have more lack.

The Millionaires of the world, for example Donald Trump and Sir Richard Branson, have a mindset that is so switched on that they look at life differently. It takes a Millionaire Mindset to be a Millionaire. What level is your mindset set at? What Lid have you set for your life?


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