Millionaire Mindset

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Creating Abundance
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Do you have what it takes with a Millionaire mindset to achieve your biggest dream or goal? Money is only a small part of your life, with out the mindset switched on you will never reach your end result and will be doing the same thing you did last year, and next year you will be in the same spot you are in now.

Do You Have The Millionaire Mindset?

Lately the law of attraction seems to be everywhere. If you check out YouTube (which by the way I am addicted to and proud of it!) there are currently 171,000 videos under the title “Law of Attraction“. Tomorrow that will be a different number because every single day more and more videos are created about the LOA – I am sure that eventually it will far pass 200,000 videos on that very subject.

What does having a Wealth Mindset have to do with life? Well without the right mindset you will not succeed in life. If you look around your life right now, right this very minute….what do you see? Can you take a moment and think about how you would like your life to be? Really think….. Would you like a bigger house? A bigger car? A new holiday? To go on a long holiday, or a cruise? To travel the world or your own country?

A New House

Get really specific about what you want in life….so specific you have chosen the colour of your carpet in your new house, or colour of your tiles/paint colours of your walls. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Visualize all that you want. Now grab a book and write it down. If you are more into pictures then draw what you can see……or find pictures that you can cut and glue to your book.

A New Car

If you are after a specific type of car….What colour do you want? What about the extra features you could add to the car? Does it have a CD player/TV/DVD player all in one? Does it come with leather seats? What about the dashboard…how do you want it to look? Next step is to visit the car yard and sit in your favorite car. Have a photo taken of you. Smell that new car smell and remember it. Have the photo placed within eye view every single day.

Wealth Mindset

Create the life of your dreams with using your mindset. Turn your mindset into a wealthy mindset and see the results that can and will happen.  I have seen so many different people around me lately. Some have the Millionaire Mindset and chase their dreams like they know they are going to succeed. Others chase their dreams but with only half the mindset of belief….so instead end up chasing their tails instead of succeeding. Which person do you want to be? The Wealth Mindset? or The Negative Mindset?

Do You What It Takes To Create Abundance In Your Life?

Do you have what it takes to have the Millionaire Mindset? Is your mindset switched on and active? If not then you have come to the right place….or if you are after another way to understand about the mindset – here at Creating Abundance we have found Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T Harv Eker – it’s a 3 1/2 hours – 3 compact disc that you can easily listen to in the car or at home. I actually play mine in the car, and also on my computer while working 🙂 It’s almost like a meditation CD going straight into the mindset without any effort on my part – gotta love that!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how to have a Millionaire Mindset to help with creating abundance in your life.

Lisa Wood.

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