How Do You Go About Creating Abundance in your life?

Over the years David and I have been to many different boot camps, conferences and wealth Seminars…..maybe you already know that because I have spoken about this before!!! With the amount of time, and money we have spent over the last five years we should have written our own book about Creating Abundance. Hey maybe that is another project I should look into…or maybe not šŸ™‚

So How Does One Go About Creating Abundance Around You?

If you are like me – with a background of “You have to work hard to make money” – gosh I still can remember my parents saying that to me while in highschool ! Then you will also wonder “HOW“? How will I be able to Attract Wealth, and keep the wealth so that I am creating Abundance for myself and my family. It’s not an easy question to get around, and I am not an expert on the subject by any means….but I have been around the experts and having been listening to many different successful people along the way.

What I have found with Attracting Wealth into your life and Creating Abundance boils down to one thing – The Mindset. I still do not care what game you are in….what Internet Marketing Program you are in, what Day Trading Options you are in….if you do not have the right Mindset you will have the same results as you had this time last year.

Sayings That Keep You Focused

One of my favorite sayings at the moment is “What You Think About Comes About“. Have a minute to read that statement again….”What You Think About Comes About“. Lets break that statement down……If you are thinking Lack – Yes you guessed it you will get lack. If you are thinking “Why should I succeed, I am not anything special”…..then the Universe will answer your thoughts and you will be ordinary.

Have An Abundance Saying

Lets turn that around for one minute…..Say out loud with me “I Am Special In Every Way, In Every Thing I Do. I Will Achieve All My Dreams And I Will Succeed“. Say it morning and night. Say it when you have your doubt moments. Say it when you are happy. Say it out loud as many times as it takes for the Universe to hear you. SHOUT it out if you think it will help. Say it while driving your car…..who cares what the person next to you thinks you are doing, hey maybe they need to hear it šŸ™‚

IF you believe in yourself, and you have a passion with a dream to keep you going then you will Attract Wealth. It’s the way the world works. What is different between you and the successful Millionairs….NOTHING – oh ok beside the amount of money they have!!! But really the only difference is the way the mind works. The Mindset will either break you or make you. So do you want to know how to start Creating Abundance? Do you want to Attract Wealth into your life? Fantastic….you have come to the right place (or blog if you want to get technical).

Creating An Abundance Lifestyle

I want you to succeed. I want to see you reach your goals. If you I had a magic wand and could grant you three wishes – What Would Those Three Wishes Be? Remember the quote ‘What You Think About Comes About” So before you answer that question below here in the comments think about two aspects for first….How Do You Want To Create Abundance and Attract Wealth into your world? For more information on how you can succeed you can also go here.

Let me know your answer so I can take you onto the next journey…..exploring the Mindset in more details.

Here’s to your Wishes coming true with Creating Abundance into your life and Attracting Wealth Today – instead of maybe one day šŸ™‚

Lisa Wood.

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