It will tell you if you are being true to yourself every single time in every single way. If you are not listening to your heart, it will soon show in your actions and in your words, and basically in your life.

Follow What Your Heart Is Telling You.

Recently I have been tested in my direction of where I am going. At first I was not listening to my heart, and was following a path that was directed by someone else. At the time of when I was “Told” to enroll in another certificate for nursing I was so not into wanting to start the course. It was a Cert IV in Disability Care which is so not where I want to go with my nursing career.

Against my better judgement I decided to enrol in the course, and even start with the course. I went to the class room, and meet the teacher who was so passionate about her career, and has been in the Disability care nursing sector for over 19 years. After listening to so many of the students, and their reason for joining the course it soon became clear to me that I was not in the right room. I was torn between doing what was expected of me, and torn between listening to my heart 🙂

Listening To My Heart

Late last week I received a job offer in the mail, and was over the moon. I had applied for a job at the RSL in Caboolture in the “Dementia” ward. I had not heard for a few weeks so I thought the job had gone to someone else. When I woke up one day last week I was getting “Mentally” prepared to head out the door to hand out my resume to other Nursing Homes but again my heart was not “there” with wanting to go out and about. That morning while I was getting physically ready and my mindset ready, I actually said to David “Oh, there is the post man with our post. I bet my job offer comes in the post so I do not have to go out looking for work” – I was half-joking when I said it, and half hoping.

David came back from getting the post, with an amazed look on his face. In his hands was a letter from Caboolutre RSL. And yes inside the letter was the job offer that I had been waiting for!!!

Love how the Law Of Attraction worked that time for me 🙂

I knew then that my heart was heading in the right direction. I want to work for a brief period of time before having to study again. I just feel for me personally that my life is so full on that taking three days out of a week for 20 weeks to study is not in the best interest of the Woody Household nor in my best interest.

But what to do?

How do I not complete a course that I have signed up for? I am not a quitter by nature, so the decision of what to do was tearing me into two different directions!! Do I try to continue the course, or do I leave the course now. I actually had a fair bit of homework that was due for the Wednesday (just gone) if I was going to continue, and each and every single time I picked up the book to complete the homework I had no interest. That soon gave me my answer……My Heart was not in the course.

Listening to My Heart Felt Good!

After listening to my true inner feelings, I got in touch with my teacher, and sent an email. I rang my place of employment up and accepted the job offer, asking them if I was not enrolled in Cert IV would that affect my job offer. They reassured me that they preferred to do ‘In house training” with the RSL. Once I had made the decision to NOT complete the course a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I was following my heart and it feels amazing. I am being true to myself, my family and my time.

How are you following your heart?

Would love to hear your stories.

Lisa Wood from Woodys House.

  1. sarahbutland says:

    Doesn’t it feel great? My whole maternity leave I’ve been hearing of tasks I should be doing from my father in law. I often feel overwhelmed now as I try to clean up after my husband (men!), be everything to my son and to myself. Of course, my heart is with my son when he is awake and I also love when he goes down for his nap as I frantically catch up on my own interests.

    Sean Rasmussen’s competition, however, has got my heart pumping hard as I’m in love with learning and more so with earning and know that I need the competition right now. I also know that I needed to complete my novel and get that in the hands of an editor (final step before getting published). It does all seem like a mad race to the finish line but I feel so much better knowing things are being done for me, I’m able to leave the house a mess (somewhat) and concentrate on what I do best – write with my heart!!!

    So proud of you and to be linked with someone who knows what they want and going for it!

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 It is so good to connect with you here. I am so waiting for your first novel, with your amazing signature because I want to be able to say I was among the first people to get your book when you are famous 🙂

      Good on you for letting the house go – and follow what is important. Sometimes life gets in the way and it is so easy to get caught up with the little task that really are not important. Your son is so gorgeous, and I love how you update his progress on FB. Looking forward to hearing how you go with Sean Rasmussen competition – proud of you for being in the top 10…You Go Girl 🙂


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