When You Run A Business Image Counts

I have posted about this business before on here.…but felt another post was needed to re-enforce my belief on how important your image is when you are presenting yourself as a “Business”. If you are on-line then it is doubly important to be up to date with your image because you want to stand out in the crowd.

As I drove home from Landsborough Park today I noticed the Landscaping Place had another sign at the front that caught my eye…

Landscape Business

I actually drove around the block three times to find a spot on the side of the road to pull over to take the picture….I felt the message was not important as what the message does…It attracts customers.

So how can the message not be important? It’s not actually the saying that is the most important aspect, as having a saying to capture people’s eyes that is vital.

Image Is Everything

If you have a business than Image Is Everything. It will either make you or break you….Have you thought about your image behind your business? Have you got a “Catch Line” that stands out from others that are in the same businesses as you? If you have your business online you are competing with thousands and thousands on here…Do you realise that if you are not on the first page of google then you might as well not be online at all.

It’s the same for Businesses in the local community. If they are not the number one business in the area then they are wasting their time.  I have actually gone into the Beerwah Landscape business “Moroney’s Landscape Supplies” before, and spoken to the lady behind the counter. She was explaining how the sign came about…It started with one saying that she found on the internet, and that one saying had so many different new business for their company that she had started a trend. The next saying that she put up attracted more new customers, and then again the next sign…..it just kept on growing. From one little idea for her family business, to now having to look for new sayings on a regular basis to place on the board – that one idea attracts so many regular customers, attracts so many new customers and keeps their business booming.

So Is Image Everything? You bet it is – it will either make or break your business…Have you thought about how you market yourself to stand above the crowd? Have you thought about your taglines, keywords, SEO to help your online business reach number one?

If have an Image for your website/blog share it here with a link so I can connect with you and share around your ideas 🙂

Image Is Everything in todays marketing world. I hope this blog gives you food for thought, and helps you to market yourself effectively, because lets face it – you are worth being successful online/offline and wasting time/effort in a business that is not working is so not what life is all about !

Here’s to Your Image 🙂

Cheers                                       Landscape Business

“Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words.”

Lisa Wood.


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