Find Out Where and How To Make It Happen Online!

Lately I have connected with some amazing like-minded people. People that I hope become life long friends. Parents that I would not know if it was not for the internet, and that would be a crime (not knowing them) because they have so much to offer to me and to others online and offline.

What gets my attention….Is that they are so very passionate and love what they are doing, but not always sure how to get the end results…..Have you ever felt like that?

I have felt like that in so many different ways over the last few years with “Trying to make it work online”, and so that is probably one of the reasons why I can (pick up and) understand what they are feeling and experiencing !!!

How To Be Successful?

There seems to be so many people here on the internet that beings successful almost seems like its impossible….How can we stand out from the crowd as being the “Expert” and one that others turn to because we are the one with the most knowledge willing to share? How can our website/blog/idea be noticed above the crowd of masses of people who flock to the internet day after day?

I am not sure I have all the answers to all the above questions…..but I have my ideas on how to market yourself to the audience of the world 🙂

Find Out How First

Find out what you want to stand out in…….then look for those around you to pick up the knowledge so that you will be successful. Find your one mentor who you know with 110% certainty that is walking the walking and talking the talk. I have been on the internet for many years, and I have walked away from websites that did not work (and cost us far too much money to have in the first place). Walked away from Programs that we brought, and tried but realised that they were not for us after all.

It is really not the “Car” (program) that is important, it’s the journey along the way that matters. With the end destination in sight at all times….That is the recipe for success. I follow Sean Rasmussen and have for some time….Not once have I found what he has to offer online lacking in any way. His knowledge about blogging, how to create a blog, how to rank on google (at the very top), how to connect on social media and so very much more……is above and beyond any other Blogger/Internet Marketer/affiliate Marketer out there!!!

If you want to be successful, and you believe in yourself Find Out How First. Then Believe. It is a matter of having the faith in yourself, then finding the knowledge to follow through. Ask. Believe. Dream. Receive.

You Are Worthy Of Success…..I believe every single person on this planet is worthy of being successful… what ever area that makes them feel like they achieved their dreams.

A book I higly recommend is “Wake Up And Dream” by Pat Mesiti.

“What You Think About Comes About” – So Find Out How First…..Think about success and viola you are successful.

Here’s To Your Dream, May You Dream Big 🙂

Lisa Wood from Woodys House


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