Have You Got A Passion?

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Creating Abundance, Law Of Attraction
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Do You Have A Passion but Not Sure How To Promote It?

So many times I have heard the saying “Have a passion, really believe and it will come true”. Sure you need a passion. Sure you need a goal….but you need to know How To Promote Your passion. See here how one company promotes their business

With you dream, with your desire, and with your drive to succeed anything is possible in life. I truly believe to be successful in this competitive world of the internet you need to know how to “Stand Out In The Crowd”….to be heads and shoulders above the rest.

Have You Got A Passion?

At first I struggled with finding my passion. It actually took me over two years to find my passion before I was ready to accept “Yes I have found my true meaning in life”. I am a Mum, and usually get caught up in the busy world of trying to achieve too much in one day!!! I am sure like all Mums out there I am not alone in those thoughts…..:)

Once you do find your passion, have 110% belief in what you want to achieve. Put in the effort, put in the time and you will see the end result. BUT learn from my one mistake….Stay with your passion no matter what. Stick to your guns and you will succeed. It’s actually the people who give up too soon that are not successful….If they only stayed with their idea for more second one more hiccup they would have achieved their end results…

I am actually a very shy person, and failed miserably at spelling in high school. My teachers often shook their heads at me, and wished me luck in whatever I decided to “Try” because they were not sure I could succeed!! Thank goodness for spell check on the internet, and one amazing hubby who runs with my “Crazy Ideas”….he is the techno behind the scenes, where I am the “Ideas Guy” on the front line….But lately I have been pushing myself to get out of Comfort Zone and meet other like-minded people..

Today was one of my days where I pushed myself….I meet two amazing ladies who with their Passion, their Dream, their Desire and their goals will be very successful….A big thank you sent to Sue Murphy and Toni-Louise Forsyth from Working Women Online.com for sharing knowledge, agreeing to meeting up and swapping ideas!! Working Women Online is a website where a community of like-minded people connect to  share knowledge, encouragement, empowerment and is a website where stay at home Mums can hear from experts on how to be successful online.

Working Women Online has a free webinar series about to start soon, and also a free newsletter so that you can stay up to date with  Working Women Online – have you signed up for your free newsletter? If not head over to Working Women Online.com so that you too can connect with other like-minded people, and learn how to be successful…:)

Have You Got A Passion? Fantastic…..Stay with your passion, your goals, your desires and Work your business with promoting yourself as the “Expert” so that you will SHINE !!

Here’s to your passion


Lisa Wood.

Woodys House

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  2. Renee says:

    Hi there Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing these wise words, found you through the Working Women Online page on facebook, they are inspiring. Looking forward to meeting you!
    All the best,

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Renee,
      Thank you for commenting and stopping on bye here !! Great to connect with like minded people 🙂


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