Wake Up And Dream Today….

“Wake Up And Dream” by Pat Mesiti….. If you are new to this blog, I wrote a previous blog about the introduction of Wake Up And Dream. I discovered I am a Dreamer and I am so proud of it đŸ™‚

Part One – Chapter One of “Wake Up And Dream”

Part One – Chapter One “You Can Change Your World”…… This chapter starts off with – “I believe the “average” person can change their world. In this book, which is the result of many years of learning and of good and bad experiences in my life, I will challenge you to become a dreamer. And more than that to become an achiever”.

How perfect is that statement? What a brilliant why to start a book off. and to get my interest….I also believe that every single person is born for a reason. We are placed on this world to be the best person we can be. It does not matter what we end up being, what matters is how we apply ourselves.

Growing Up !

When I was growing up my late Grandma had a big influence in my life. She was there for me in so many different ways…..from the physical sense of looking after me when I got home from School, to the emotional sense that when I had an issue I always gave my Grandma a call !!! I still remember her favorite saying “If you are doing a job, no matter how small a task is, give at least 100% to your job, if not give a 110%”…She was a big believer in achieving the best results that was possible by giving all of yourself and making sure the job was done “Just Right” !!! Gosh she was so wonderful with her outlook on life đŸ™‚

Wake Up And Dream Today

Another statement that has touched me from Pat Mesiti Book “Wake Up and Dream” – “It’s not what happens or has happened to us in life that counts. It’s how we respond to what happens that’s important”…..Have you ever thought about that? Have you really thought about how you respond to what is happening in your world????

It really got me thinking…and I have to say “Wake Up and Dream” is the book I am addicted to at the moment with a passion. What is your favorite statement that gets you thinking about how you can be the best of the best that you were born to be?

I will leave you with this thought from the Book “Wake Up And Dream” – “In a nutshell, dreams will make you. They will create your character, your attitudes. Build you up. Make you a better you-unless you like the you that you are and don’t want a New Improved Version!” – So are you satisfied with the status quo, or do you know that you need to improve.

Thanks Pat Mesiti – your book is becoming my new best friend..at least it is when I am getting the chance to read it đŸ™‚

Lisa Wood.

Woodys House

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