You Create Your Own Life.

Law Of Attraction…..What does that really mean. It is a saying that seems to be really popular. Where ever you go, who ever you speak to, the saying is bound to come up in conversation sooner or later.

It is a broad statement, and can be taken many different ways. I am a big believer in “What you put out there you will get back”…..So it does not matter what vibes you are transmitting to the universe. What You Think About Comes About.

The Secret

It is so very true…..I am not sure if you are like me, But when I first watched “The Secret” it actually took me a little while to believe the concept. Maybe I am a slow learner, or maybe it was my up bringing. Whatever the reason is, I was very unsure about “The Secret”. Once I read a few books, and googled the Secret on YouTube I started to see what the message is behind the (messages) scenes of “The Secret”.

I started thinking about little things at first. I guess you could say I was testing the waters – or testing the Universe.  Soon the asking got bigger and better. Soon enough the things that I was asking for came about. It was very spooky when I first started asking, and believing…..Now that I know What You Think About Comes About I am being very careful with my thoughts.

Your Thoughts.

Does that mean I have to “guard” all of my thoughts? Not at all, actually that would be impossible to do because thoughts are going through our brain constantly, even when we are asleep 🙂 What it does mean is that when a “negative” thought (or a thought I do not agree with) pops up into my head, then I stop and change that thought around….

It’s very simple to do. Are you practicing “The Law Of Attraction”? If not why not? Do you need to know how to attract what your heart desires? Let me know what your thoughts are, and then I can answer your ideas in  the next installment of “What You Think About Comes About” here at Woodys house 🙂

Lisa Wood.

  1. sarahbutland says:

    I am following the Law of Attraction although I sometimes stumble. I found The Secret video inspiring but really didn’t get into the nitty gritty of the cause and effect of it all. I knew I was on to something, I just didn’t realize how great of something it was.

    I then read The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart and realized this has been around for a long time, with scientific proof and just couldn’t believe how many people aren’t practicing such an easy law. We use gravity every day – why aren’t we attracting?

    I still didn’t get it’s full meaning. I’d test it in great amounts. I’d tell everyone I knew what was going to happen to me and when it didn’t happen I was dumbfounded. Take this contest for example: I entered a picture of my son into a contest to get on the cover of a magazine. I immediately told everyone that it would happen and gave them a deadline and the link to vote. I didn’t win. The contest is still ongoing but I’m going about it differently now thanks to The Magic of Believing.

    It took this book to make me realize there’s more than one way to ask for what you believe you’ll receive. Although I just finished reading this the other day I’ve already put it into effect and have examples of it’s worth.

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Sarah,

      I so get what you are saying….At first I asked for many things and they were not coming true. Or did not happen. But when I really thought about what I was asking for, and looked deep within there were reason behind why!!!

      Now when I “Put out there” what I really want to happen I make sure that it is inline with my beliefs, my passion and deep within my heart. Its when I truly believe with all my desires that what I am asking for – that is when it becomes true…..Life is amazing, and life happens for a reason.

      I am going to look for the book you mentioned, it sounds like a good read….

      Life works in very mysterious ways, with many directions that one can take. The last 12 months has taught me how to “ask” then how to “believe” then to wait and “Receive”….I truly believe you will succeed, and maybe your Sons photo did not win that particular competition, but has another purpose in life. Maybe one day you will write a Book on how your Son motivated your thoughts and his picture will be on the main cover? I think that you are destined to reach great heights, and your son will be a part of your journey.

      It is so great to connect with you here. Here’s to your success 🙂


      • sarahbutland says:

        That’s so incredibly sweet. My son will definitely be on a cover of something I write some day. The contest, I realize, is not important. It’s a popularity contest and means nothing, I was just using it as “proof” that the Law of Attraction works. I don’t need proof, I know I’m raising my son with as much positivity and incredible beliefs as possible and that he’ll be a great success in whatever he decides.

        I’m only accepting success for me in my writing. It’s been a long journey but a lesson filled one and the most important thing it teaches me every day is that I’m not done learning just because I didn’t continue my schooling after high school.

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