Ask, Believe And You Shall Receive

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Business Image, Creating Abundance, Law Of Attraction
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The Law Of Attraction Working For You?

Lately I have been testing out the Law of Attraction with asking questions (aloud) about what I want to work within our Woody House. Guess What? They have become true…every single one of my questions that I have put out there to the Universe…..

Ask, Believe and Your Shall Receive….

Here are a few items that I have said around Woodys House that I was waiting to be answered

  • To Find a bus that we can Travel Australia in – Found one on eBay
  • Jump in with both feet and purchase said Bus, to only realise that I needed to work out how to get the bus home!!!
  • Ask the Universe for guidance on getting the bus home from NSW to QLD
  • A friend came to mind, I asked said friend and YES was their answer
  • David and friend flew down to Canberra – where one of my wonderful brothers meet them at the airport and drove them to the bus
  • The bus needed a road worthy – I asked the universe to pass the bus and to grant a permit to bring the bus home. Both were granted Monday morning
  • The bus needed Insurance. David tried RACQ – NO good (the bus was too long)…..He rang another company and was told YES
  • The insurance company was delayed with so many new requests.
  • I jumped onto Facebook and “Put it out there” that I needed the insurance company to process our paperwork asap.
  • Within 1/2 hour the paperwork was approved…..David was on the road
  • I thought David and mate would not be back in QLD until Wednesday….They made it back by Tuesday afternoon!!!


I asked the Universe for a bus to provide the Woody Boys a chance to see Australia in….the Bus arrived safe and sound.

I asked for the Bus to be approved with insurance quickly. It happened.

We then had to work out where we could park the bus once it was in Queensland. That was on a Friday before the Monday that the bus was being picked up !!!!  (I didn’t think to measure if the bus could fit pass the side of our house into the back yard!!!)

While heading out to the shops that Friday morning both David and I saw a caravan park that we always drive past. Both of us looked at each other, and both of us knew we had found our answer. In the land next to the Caravan Park are buses/caravans….all parked together for storage. On our way home we popped in and had a chat…..

Yes they could provide a spot for us to park the bus. AT a price that we thought was nuts for them, but great for us 🙂

Happy Days – We Shall Receive.

Next time I am asking for the MOON!!! I might land among the stars 🙂 Or better yet – I will Receive exactly what I ask for.

What are you Asking for? Believing in and waiting to receive?


Lisa Wood.

  1. Amazing tale Lisa! Too often blogs are about complaints it’s so refreshing to read some about fantastic outcomes such as yours. I envy you but know I will write a post like this someday soon 🙂

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