Asking For Brand New PJ’s For Children In Australia

There are over 30,000 children needing new PJ’s. As a Mum to five Woody Boys that breaks my heart. I came across a website that needs your help. Please click here to see how you can help.

I was shopping for my boys today at Best n Less and they had children PJ for under $10.00. I am going back on Monday to purchase some pairs for the appeal. There is different collection sites for different states so once I have purchased the pairs I can easily drop them off. I am asking for your help…..Please purchase a brand new pair of PJ’s – leave the tags on and then hit the site to see where you can drop them off.

If buying PJ’s does not suit your busy lifestyle, then they will gladly take donations on their site. Any way you can help will benefit children. Being a Mum and not being able to dress my child in warm PJ’s this winter? It would be heart breaking.

Imagine if we all brought one pair each? Imagine what they could do for another little boy or girl that are in this world with hardly any clothes?

Please think about how you can help? What would it feel like to know that you have helped another child that needs all of our help? To find out more, or to see how you can help this needy cause please go here.

Imagine what we could all do for only $10.00?

Lisa Wood.


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