Very Grateful To Don Tolman

I am so very grateful in life…..I was fortunate to meet one amazing man and attend his bootcamp.

It was 2 1/2 days of fun, learning and exploring on the Gold Coast a few weeks back. Have you had the chance to see Don Tolman?

If not please go here to see where Don Tolman is speaking next time – if he is in your city then please, as a favour to me, go and see how he can teach you about “Wholefoods” and what healthy eating can do for your way of life.

After seeing Don Tolman I went onto a 14 day water fast, and have since change my way of eating. I eat fresh food, and eat dinner at 4.00 pm – after 4.30 pm I do not eat until the next day. I have noticed how much better (healthier) I feel for my different in food patterns.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about Don Tolman, and what he can do for you đŸ™‚



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