Today’s Classroom Task

Today in Class we were asked to write out five things that we liked about ourself, and one thing we liked about someone in our class.

How hard was that task? VERY difficult – and not just for myself. You should have heard the groans, the grunts and the eyes rolling that went on after our teacher asked the question 🙂

I was finding it very difficult to answer five points that I liked about myself. If the teacher had asked me to write five things about someone from class that I admired, I could have easily filled it out in seconds!! It actually got the teacher mad that we all had trouble filling it out. She was sad, sad that we had to think hard about what we liked (or loved) about ourselves.

SO it got my brain ticking over. How would you go if you were given the Classroom Task of writing five things that your REALLY liked about yourself..or even loved about yourself. And be honest. Could you put pen to paper and come up with five?

I challenge you here and now…..get thinking. Get your fingers typing and come up with five things that you like about yourself.

Here is a sneak preview on my list….

  1. I like my smile
  2. I like my caring attitude
  3. I like how I listen to my friends and take the time to listen
  4. I like to give hugs
  5. And being a Mum

What could you say that you really like about yourself? Come on, give it a try to see what you come up with…..

Looking forward to reading your comments

Lisa Wood from Woodys House!!

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  2. 1) My determination
    2) My persistence
    3) That I know who I am
    4) That I love what I do (write)
    5) That I’m raising my son with the power of intention and positive thinking 🙂

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