A Weekend Away From It All. Our Woody House Quick Getaway.

For the last few weeks (actually last few months) I have felt the need to have a break and much-needed R & R. At the beginning of this week we talked about getting away for three days with camping. By Friday the weather had turned and it was forecast for rain. I am so not a person that likes to go camping at the best of times, and to camp in the rain is not my idea of fun. So on Saturday morning we woke and looked at the window. It looked like a beautiful Sunny day so we decided to head off anyway, but instead of camping for three days we decided to go to a resort for one night.

Our Quick Getaway to…

That way, if it rained over the weekend we would not get wet. I have always wanted to go to Rainbow Beach, and David has always wanted to take me there – so that is where we ended up. It is the most amazing special place in Queensland. The water is very clear – so clear that you can see what you are swimming in. I normally panic when in the Surf because I can not see my feet, but Rainbow Beach – wow the water is amazing. There is not enough words to describe how clear, how magical the place is so I have taken photos to show you…

Carlo Sand BlowAt The Carlo Sand Blow

These are taken a top of Rainbow Beach – At Carlo Sand Blow. We walked from the car park, up a bush track and came out into the most amazing place on earth. When we got to the end of the bush track there was a platform with a visitor information board. We stood for a few minutes reading all about the different ways to walk around Rainbow Beach, while our three younger Woody Boys took off!! So we decided to join them. When you step off the platform the sand is so very cold. Colder than ever felt before. Once you walk for a few seconds the sand warms up, but it is not like sand at any other beach. The sand is magical, it changes colours and is almost like a rainbow.

Carlos Sand Blow Rainbow BeachWoody Family At Carlos Sand BlowCarlos Sand Blow

These are some of the many photos I took while on our Quick Getaway. Will show you more tomorrow….even have a video of the Woody Boys running down the Carlos Sand Blow, please remind me (if I forget!!) to upload it YouTube and place here 🙂

I call Rainbow Beach “Paradise From Home”. It took us 15 years to get to Rainbow Beach, but now I know how beautiful it is – we will be visiting for many more Quick Getaways…I am so looking forward to the day that we travel with our Woody House – that will be more than Quick Getaways, that will be Woody House on the Road 🙂

How was your magical weekend?


Lisa Wood.

  1. Take me next time? It’s stunning!

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Love To !!! It is one amazing place. Hope we are traveling Australia soon so that I can place many more photos here 🙂

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