The Curse Of The Perfectionist

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Business Image, Law Of Attraction
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I Am Cursed!!

With a gene that makes my life more interesting. I am going to say that it goes way back in my family, because ever since I can remember my late Grandmother, and late Great Grandmother were Perfectionist. I am such a perfectionist, that I should have it as my middle name 🙂

Does It Drive Me Mad?

You have no idea. Sometimes It drives my husband mad, and my poor kids…..I must remember not to let them on here to answer that question!

So is being a perfectionist a good thing or a bad thing?

Sometimes it is a blessing, and other times – well lets say (to be polite) that it is a topic best left alone. Take this blog for example. I was writing about my 14 Day water fast. Then when the fast was over, I stopped writing here. I did not like the fact that I spent time away from my favorite hobby, but I stopped writing because I was not sure what to say. Sounds weird I know, but after spending so much time focusing on my amazing experience with fasting, and drinking water (and two days of juice) I felt like anything else I wrote here would be boring.

Hence the perfectionist coming out in me.

So yesterday, and today at work I was thinking about what I could write about. And soon enough it came to me……”Why Do I See Things Differently at work compared to others?”

Why Can I see how the needs of the resident’s are not being met?

Why Do I feel so deeply about the Resident needs when other carers are in and out of the room faster than you can blink an eye?

Why does it take me twice as long to shower/dress/make the bed/see that the resident is comfy with a glass of water – twice the amount of time because I take the time needed?

I wish sometimes that I was able to walk in, say nothing, get on with my business, and walk out. BUT then again that would not be me.

I have come to the conclusion that I will never make the cut as an aged care nurse. I am too slow, too caring, too proud (like to do a good job!), and to personal. I will never be able to shower/dress/clean/settle a resident in under 11 minutes. YEP you read right, we are only allowed 11 – 15 minutes per resident per morning – before breakfast.

How hideous does that sound?

I am also a firm believer in what you put out there – you will get back. So I do care. I do take time. I am a Perfectionist. I am proud that I was brought up with values (thankyou Grandma for loving me), and I am a person that likes to connect with the other person who is human….not just an object that needs to be attended to in under 15 minutes. Thank goodness that I have decided to study next year as a midwife, and this certificate III is only a stepping stone.

Next time, I will be letting you know how my two weeks hands on experience went, as a Perfectionist, I will be very honest with my feelings/thoughts and experiences. Because lets face it, we are all different and that is what makes this world an amazing place to live in.

Thank You To All The Perfectionist In this World!! Are You One Of Them?


Lisa Wood.

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  3. criggitte says:

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