Today Is Day 9 Of A 14 Day Water Fast.

I am over the moon that I have lasted this long. Never thought I could keep this up for so long. Even with the boys having hot chips on the beach last night for dinner, I was strong.

How do I feel this morning? A bit better than the last few days. I was able to surf yesterday at the beach, and the day before I went for a big walk. Today I am concentrating on getting homework done. I have a huge project that I need to complete for my course so I am hoping to tackle this today.

What has happened within while on my fast?

I have had time. I never realised how much time is taken up with food. Getting it ready, dishing it up and then sitting down to eat. It is almost like a waste of time. Time that I can spend else where.

Day 9 and Still Going.

I have also reflected within. My mind has been able to focus on what is important to my life. I have had very quiet times, thinking and almost seem like I am dreaming. My thoughts have been very deep, to the put that I am more in tune with how I feel as a person. Could I do this fast again? To be honest I am not sure that I would want to. I think that the next time I will do Don Tolman juice fast. With Don Tolman juice recipe I would cope better (at least I think so).

My tongue still feels weird, not as weird as it was a few days ago. I still feel tired, but that is my body realising all the toxins that have built up over time. I am surprised, but I have not suffered one headache, nor a migraine the whole time I have been on the fast!! For me not to have a migraine is a miracle.

Do you want to know more about Don Tolman CABALA juice? I found a site that has some really good information on the subject so head on over to here.

Looking forward to hearing how others are going on a Water Fast. I have had a few contact me to let me know that they are also on a Water Fast. It’s good to know that others are looking after themselves.

Thanks for stopping on by.

Until next time, stay Healthy, Happy and Successful.

Lisa Wood.

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