How Was Today? Day 4 of A 14 Day Water Fast

Today was the hardest by far. Due to our youngest Woody Boy waking David and I up last night with an ear infection I am so tired. More tired than I have been before.

Actually I woke up shaking and feeling very sick. I am a person who needs and loves at least 8 hours of sleep every night or find it hard to cope. So with only having water and having about 4 hours of sleep I am feeling very much out of it today.

I made the younger three Woody Boys lunch this morning, and then rushed out the door to get to class on time. I was feeling ok, a bit tired but knew that I could keep on going.

Day 4 Of My 14 Day Water Fast Side Affects.

Around lunch time I started to feel ill from lack of sleep. That is a normal reaction for me, when I do not have enough sleep I normally start to feel nausea and sleepy. So I decided to walk to the local shopping center which is about 10 minutes from my course. There I went to the health food shop and got two natural remedies for my baby Woody. Mind you Kyle would be most upset if he knew I could him baby – being 4 he likes to be called “Big Boy”.

I also decided to get Organic Juice to see if that would help with the nausea feeling. I was not interested in breaking my fast with food, but thought that Natural Juice might help me to calm my stomach, and help wake me up a bit. I was right. Within 10 minutes of drinking some of the juice most of my side effects had disappeared. Upon returning to class I was able to concentrate and to listen to the teacher speak. It was almost like the effect of lack of sleep had disappeared.

I still feeling bad for not having complete water, but I knew that to be safe to keep on going for the rest of the afternoon, and to drive home I needed to think about what I could have to help. The juice was like a shot of coffee, only better.

Tonight I am still staying with the Water fast, and will be going to bed as soon as it is possible. I noticed that the house REALLY needs a good clean, but have decided that it will have to wait until the weekend, where I hope that I have caught up with the lack of sleep.

Day 4 Down Of A 14 Day Water Fast. Tomorrow will be Day 5. Looking forward to seeing the results of going through a 3 day weekend. I really wanted to go camping over the weekend but due to Kyle not being 100% and because I am not eating we have decided to hold off until the end of my nursing Course. We will go for a weekend away before I start work, and I hope that it will be the weekend away that helps me to keep on going, because after I have finished this course and had 6 months hands on the job – Next year will be on to Midwifery and HUGE amounts of study.

Thanks for stopping on by here to see how Day 4 of A 14 Day Water Fast went. Stay tuned for more.



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