Today Is Day 3 of A 14 Day Water Fast

I went to class again today. It was hard towards the end to concentrate but I am usually like that with or without food!

By the afternoon I think my brain is gone to mush because I have so much different codes to remember. Not sure how I will go with my final exam in about 5 weeks time. Fingers crossed I remember some of my work.

The only thing I found a little bit hard today was going food shopping for the family. I was doing ok until I got to the fruit n vegetable section. That is my favorite – I love Fruit, I love Vegetables and I love mixed nuts. So I brought all I needed to buy with a thought of gee I am looking forward to eating healthy in 11 days time. I am going onto a raw foods when my fast is finished and am looking for recipes for breakfast. Does anyone have any good ideas for Raw Breakfast’s? Be great if you shared some recipes to get me ready for when I can eat again. Thanks!

Here is a funny You Tube clip that I would like to share with you all. Don Tolman had the link for this video on his Twitter profile, so thanks Don Tolman for sharing an insight into a funny true information about food that we are eating.

How Good IS That Video?

I am looking forward to the next 11 days of my 14 Day Water Fast. I think it is going to be interesting to see how I feel at the end. Have you completed a water fast? Let me know of your experiences. I have only had a few shocked comments about how dangerous water fasting is for the body. Obviously they have not been to see Don Tolman. He had two people share their experience on a 40 day water fast and they were such an inspiration to me. I have not personally meet any other people who have tried a water Fast before, so would love to hear others that have completed a water fast, or is going to try a water fast. After meeting Don Tolman and completing his Bootcamp for Brains I realise how important it is to eat the food that helps our body to function.

Day 3 Down, 11 Days To Go!

I survived another Day of a Water Fast. Today was day 3, tomorrow will be day 4. Imagine what day 14 will be like?

Thanks for stopping on by here and keeping up to date with our Woody House.

Lisa Wood.


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