The Start Of A Water Fast

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Don Tolman, Fit and Healthy
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Day Two Of My 14 Days Water Fast.

Yesterday – Sunday 25th April I started a 14 day water fast – a cleanse. I would prefer to do 40 days fast but with studying, and then in two weeks time I again have hands on experience at a nursing home (that will go for 2 weeks) I thought it best to stay with 14 days. I am not worried about how I will feel, just want to make sure that I will be able to work in a manner that will take care of the residents/clients needs!!

Day One Of My 14 days water fast

I woke and all I could think of was about my morning coffee. But that’s ok – we had run out !! I got up and avoided the kitchen while my five Woody boys and David had Breakfast. I cleaned the house instead 🙂

Then I got the boys ready to go to the beach. I made sandwiches (which was fine because I never eat bread). Got their fruit ready, which was easy and quick – put apples, bananas, and mandarins into a bag. I was licking my lips because fruit is my all time favorite food. Then out the door to the beach. Walking along, all I could smell was fish and chips. Why do people eat fish and chips on a beach? Surely they realise that sand will end up with their food?

OH well – think of all the nasty chemicals they are eating with the battered fish/chips cooked in oil !!

The afternoon was well spent on the beach. We had so much fun. I went out as far as possible and soaked up the feeling of the surf and then sat on the beach to soak up the sun. We even stopped at a chemist along the way and found Sunscreen that is totally natural, with no nasty chemicals, nasty additives or preservatives. It even smelt yummy. This time none of our boys got sunburned at all 🙂

When we got home I avoided dinner – the boys had hamburgers, when they do I normally have a chicken burger. The smell of cooking was strong. I layed down on my bed and read a book, and got onto Facebook!! I love Facebook.

I feel asleep by 7.00pm and slept the night through. That was a great way to end my first day of water fast.

Day 2 Of My 14 Day Water Fast 

Today I again avoided the kitchen when it was brekky time. Then took the boys out to a park. The park is brilliant, it’s fully fenced and has so much for the boys to do. I took Zach, Cameron and Kyle and managed to get all of my homework finished that needs to be handed in tomorrow.

With dinner, David is cooking before he has to take our oldest to Army Cadets. Actually its spaghetti Bolognese and because its meat I normally have somethind different to eat, like Salmon or fish with salad. So I will have no trouble dishing up the boys dinner.

Tomorrow is day three of my 14 day Water Fast. That will be another challenge because I will be back in the class room and the smells of cooking (the people in the class use the micowave at lunch time) will get to me for sure. I am going to go outside and sit in the sun and soak up the rays of happiness.

Looking forward to seeing my end result. Have I had any side effects? Sure have. I have had a headache and I am tired but I am finding that sleep is curing both. Any other side effects? Not as yet. Only miss my morning coffee!!

Thanks Don Tolman for the inspiration, and for all the others that have before me tired the water fast. Your stories and your success will keep me strong.

Here is a clip from Don Tolman himself

Have you seen Don Tolman? If not Click Here To Go To Fortune Events It is one event I highly recommend and one that I tell all and everyone.

Heres To Health, Happiness, Success and Water Fasting 🙂

May you enjoy the ride of seeing how I cope on the Start Of A 14 Day Water Fast.


Lisa Wood.


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