The Forgotten Generation

Posted: April 23, 2010 in 21 st Century Parenting
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How I Spent My Week With The Aged.

The Forgotten Generation. Put into an aged care facility and forgotten about. Put into a chair after being woken up at 6.30 am every morning and forgotten about.

The last five days I have had hands on experience with the elderly. Some of the week was spent with the most amazing people, amazing that they have lived a full life and ended up spending their last days looking at four walls. My most favorite times was actually speaking with the clients/residents – especially the ones that could remember how their life was spent. How many children they had, where they lived and what they did for a living. Those residents were the hi-light of my week.

The Forgotten Generation.

They are woken at a ridiculous hour in the morning. EVERY morning. Between 6.30 am to 8.00 am every resident in each wing is woken up. They are showered and dressed in record time. Their beds are made. They are placed into their appropriate Chairs and taken to the dinning areas. There they wait for breakfast. Some sit for hours on end, not moving from there chairs. Not moving from their beds. I am not sure how they can handle it day in day out. I am not sure how they can be there. They are the Forgotten Generation. The ones that are loved but left alone.

The week was full of emotions. Full of highs, Full of lows. Lots of tears, Lots of laughter and lots of memories. I enjoyed my week. I was moved beyond tears with their stories, their lives. They are amazing.

One resident touched my heart. The resident is in their early to late 90’s and is amazing with how much they are trying to stay in touch with reality. I would have to say that resident touched a very special place in my heart  and reminded me of my late Grandma 🙂 I loved how much the resident could ask from me. The littlest things – the buzzer was going constantly. I smiled and received a smile back. That was magic. Littlest things made the residents day. Tissues, sugar, a cup of tea, how to use their air fresher can, having their teeth put in, laying down when the resident was tired.  I was the only one that was happy to knock and enter that room. One gorgeous eccentric resident, and I knew how to handle the situation. It made my week worthwhile.

The other side was the coin that I wished I did not have to turn over. That was the side where the clients/residents are lost. They are lost in the paper work, in the numbers/ in the finances. It’s all about receiving funding. It’s all about pleasing the powers that be – with having the “I” dotted ant the “T” crossed. That’s the Forgotten Generation. I am blown away with how our most smartest, most talented, most successful, most wealthy career path people of our society are now the Forgotten Generation. I am not saying that they are not loved. Most of them are more than loved. But they are still the forgotten Generation.

Such is life 🙂

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Beautiful. My week was full of experiences of them all. The Forgotten Generation.



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