What Don Tolman Taught Us

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Healthy Fruit And Lifestyle
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Two And A Half Days Of Learning.

Over the weekend gone the Woody House moved to the Gold Coast for the weekend.

We went to the Gold Coast to learn and understand about “Wholefoods” from the specialist Don Tolman. It was 2 1/2 days of new experiences and new discoveries. We all learnt about Nutrition, food and the benefit of what to eat/what not to eat. Our boys were blown away with how much Don Tolman knew about Wholefoods and what food can do for health.

Do you want to know more about Don Tolman? Click Here for more information about Don.

Even two of our Woody boys have decided to go Vegetarian!!! This is going to be interesting considering how much meat David likes to eat in our house. I am not too worried about meat, I usually only eat Chicken or fish. I am not into Steak, Sausages, Mince, Pork etc.  I am very sensitive with meat so I tend to stick to salad, vegetables and fish as much as possible.

I think what Don Tolman taught the Woody family the most, was that with education our family can make informed choices on how to stay healthy, how to be healthy, and how to promote healthy choices with food and care. I like the fact that Don Tolman teaches us that each body has a remarkable unique way of being able to deal with different issues without having to rush to the Doctor for medications every time we get a head cold!!

Don Tolman Even Taught My Boys…

I also like how Don Tolman taught my boys an easier way to look at their school work, understand their work, and learn a system that will help them with studying in a faster manner.

Don Tolman spent an amazing 2 1/2 days with his “Boot camp for Brains”  helping our family to educate ourselves so that we will be able to be stronger with choices and take the path to healthier choices.

Have you been to Don Tolman’s “Boot camp for Brian’s”? If not, I highly recommend it to all and everyone:) I even recommended it to family so I really must believe in seeing Don!!

How was your weekend spent?

Thanks sent to Don Tolman and his amazing weekend of discovery.


Lisa Wood.

  1. Thank you! I didn’t hear of Don Tolman until now and am so thankful that I read this artcle. When I got the update I was going to ignore it, thinking Don was just another LOA guru but am glad I took the time to find out more!

    I’m going to email him right now about my Adventures Of Sammy series as I think we’d make a great partnership!

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Sarah,
      I am so glad that you are looking at Don Tolman and his work. Great that you are going to be contacting him and looking into how you can work as a partnership 🙂 The man is amazing with how much knowledge he has. All the best of luck.


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